About Survivor and Online Survivor

What is this site about? In a nutshell, Online Survivor (OLS) provides a LIVE game of SURVIVOR played online entirely in chat rooms. All contestants must show up at predetermined times to chat with tribemates, compete in challenges, and vote at Tribal Council. Not enough of an explanation for you? Need to learn about SURVIVOR or Online Survivor? This section takes you through both games, outlining the history and basics of SURVIVOR and Online Survivor, then moving on to more advanced topics.

If you know nothing about SURVIVOR, please start from the beginning to learn everything you'll need to know. However, even if you're a casual fan, you may want to start from the beginning to learn some things about the game you may have never known or realized. If you're a hardcore SURVIVOR fan but have no idea what this site is and aren't familiar with online reality games, you should probably start at 201 and read from there. As for everyone else, this section will probably be nothing more than a refresher to you, so enjoy learning about the ultimate game!

SUR101: History and Overview of Survivor
-Gives a short overview on the origins of the game.

SUR102: Survivor Game Basics
-Outlines the standard format of the game, before twists were added.

SUR103: Survivor Rules
-Outlines the major rules that are encountered during a standard game.

SUR201: OLS History
-Gives a short overview of Online Survivor.

SUR202: OLS Game Basics
-Outlines the standard format of Online Survivor, before twists were added.

SUR203: OLS Rules
-Outlines the major rules that are encountered during a standard game of Online Survivor.

SUR301: Survivor Twists
-Gives a list of all the variations that have been applied to the game over the years.

SUR302: OLS Twists
-Gives a list of all the variations that have been applied to Online Survivor, not including those in 301.

SUR400: Advanced Strategies
-Teaches some major strategies that can be used to win the game.

PLEASE NOTE: Online Survivor is a non-profit, private online game hosted by Survivor Guy 886 in likeness with the actual SURVIVOR rules created by Mark Burnett. I have changed some rules to make the game compatible online but am not taking credit for creating the overall game concept. This game is in no way associated with SURVIVOR, CBS, or any other major company or corporation and is only named Online Survivor according to the fact that it implements rules of SURVIVOR. No money is exchanged during the game to my knowledge. I do not solicit any information from players other than their screen name, e-mail, age, sex, state/province, and what times they are available to be online. All of this info is optional to the person if requested. I am willing to change anything about the game if any problems should result. Thank you for your understanding.