16 people, 42 days, 1 Survivor; These 16 people have all come with one thing in mind: Victory. For the next 42 days they will have to go through mind-numbing challenges, some boring days, and friends turning their backs on them. Who are these 16 who are willing to go through such torment? Let's meet them...:

The Kucha tribe, which will always be blue, consists of:

Ojosazules96, a 14 year old girl from Virginia. She was tragically voted out 3rd in Online Survivor 1. She remains the only person ever to be present when they were voted out.

Boodu2boo, a 13 year old boy from Pennsylvania. He will always be remembered as the champion of Online Survivor 1.

BlingBling1113, an 18 year old young man from New York.

KrazyK2060, a 14 year old boy from Maryland, and close friend of MJM1108 from Online Survivor 1.

Dark Mechadragon, a 13 year old boy from Florida.

Supersayain26, a 22 year old male college student from New York.

mallard, a 17 year old boy from Pennsylvania. Remembered for showing up to the preliminary meeting and claiming this game was gay.

and KuchaChic, a 13 year old girl with quite an appropriate name.

The Ogakor tribe, which will always be green, consists of:

Sonicgear123, a highly eager 14 year old boy from Illionois.

Alec54, a 12 year old boy from Pennsylvania, and close friend of Online Survivor 1 champ Boodu2boo.

ZMattCF, a 12 year old boy from Pennsylvania, ZMatt returns from Online Survivor 1 after posting horrible attendance.

FMJag2002, a 13 year old boy from Texas.

Dial555, a 15 year old boy from Michigan.

jtrkBakker, a 40 year old woman from Indiana, she holds the record as the oldest person ever to join this game.

KasChris, a 13 year old boy from New York, and online friend of Sonicgear123.

and RedK4, the returning runner up from Online Survivor 1 who rode to the end in an alliance with Bood only to tragically lose for showing up to one less Tribal Council.

The teams are set to battle one another, now let's check in as Kucha meets for the first time to begin Online Survivor 2!!!

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