DampeRIP's Last Words:

"Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, we are free at last!" [Applause] ~ Martin Luther King Jr.
"Well listen up sonny jim - I ate a baybehh!! baybehh!! The other other white meat!! Baybehh!! It's what's for dinna!!" ~Fat Basterd
"When I am dead and have passed onto the next world. I want you to lower me from these gallows and... KISS MY HAIRY BUTTOCKS!" ~Chris Farley
"On a glummy sunday morning near the lake, my brother and i were enjoying some delecious plum pudding my aunt had made. well my brother had gone down to the lake, i took a poop in his plum pudding, and when he came back he ate it all, every last drop. (other guy says : "tell him the funny part.") As i stand before you this very day i sware to you i have no brother, it was me who ate the plum pudding, I ATE **** PUDDING" ~ Chris Farley
"Say my name! SAY MY NAME! (the person says his name) Now say it with respect" ~ Me
Now! ::big drumroll:: Time for the final quote...... "Oh , and just in case I don't see you , good-afternoon , good-evening , and good-night. ::big smile::" ~Jim Carry
Well those are my final words , and by the way , I hope Logo wins , he's such a cool guy and hasn't cheated during the whole thing yet stayed at top attendence , last I checked , GOOD LUCK LOGO!

Name Voted For: Comment
Alec54 DampeRIP dampe, i just want him gone and either way everyone else will vote him out therefore making my vote useless
DampeRIP Himself (Absent) -
LogoLarson DampeRIP DampeRip: Why delay the inevitable? He's goin anyway.
Dial555 DampeRIP I am voting for Dampe, because he is not here even though it should be for a piece of cheese
Kaschris DampeRIP Dampe, alliance matters