Sonicgear123's Last Words:

When I first came into this game,I thought I was going to win.No I didnt think,i KNEW I was going to win.All I had to do is two things:show up and win.Unfortunately stupid problems came in the way,and because of this,I lost instead.And I knew when I would go,and it came true,just as I predicted it.I was pissed by this,but it shows you cant win everything in this world.But dont think I wont return,for when I do,everything will change,and I will prevail over all.

Name Voted For: Comment
Ojosazules96 Herself (Absent) -
Atog Ed XxLilMike2kxX LilMike because he wants to. DIE MIKE DIE!
Sonicgear123 Himself (Absent) -
Alec54 Sonicgear123 ok i vote out sonicgear123 and i vote him out because he's good at trivia and such and would pose a threat to me getting points
DampeRIP Himself (Absent) -
LogoLarson Ojosazules96 I vote for... Ojos- because he was in kucha, and he is kinda mean
Dial555 Sonicgear123 I am voting for Sonic even though this vote should be for mike, but I heard that sonic wants to get rid of me soon
XxLilMike2kxX Atog Ed i vote for atog, cause he is gay
KasChris XxLilMike2kxX Lilmikewhat's his face, Everyone else's my friend
RedK4 Sonicgear123 sonicgear becuz hes da fastest typer so i guess hes da biggest threat