Actual Date: June 27, 2001

Tribal Council #14- Day 41

Dial 555: ok........

Dial 555: This is my hardest vote yet, even though I hate to do it I am voting (him) because even though he is a good friend (the other person) is also a friend...I have to sadly vote for (him).
Alec54: mmmaster you make it so ummm what's the word i'm looking for?
LogoLarson: go eenie meenie miny mo
Kaschris A I M: *new slogan
Kaschris A I M: Dont vote for me
Kaschris A I M: I am not a crook
LogoLarson: heh
Kaschris A I M: oh
Kaschris A I M: hey MJ
LogoLarson: wonder why I lasted so long...
Kaschris A I M: hey Alec
Alec54: can't the jury have any say in what ahppens
Alec54: hey
LogoLarson: oh well, that all changes tonight
MJM1108: Hi
Alec54: happens*
LogoLarson: nope
OnlineHost: Kaschris A I M has left the room.
LogoLarson: just the person with immunity
LogoLarson: chris went bye bye again
Alec54: yeah
LogoLarson: Buttered Toast
Alec54: what was the immunity challenge today?
Dial 555: Chris is gone
OnlineHost: Kaschris A I M has entered the room.
Kaschris A I M: ACK
LogoLarson: on the clock immunity trivia
Dial 555: he is back
LogoLarson: Ho Chris
Alec54: welcome back
Kaschris A I M: this AIM is giving me a headach
Kaschris A I M: e

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