LogoLarson's Last Words:

HEY VEIWER!! Apparantly MMMasterX (oops, I mean Survivor Guy) tells me that one line last words aren't very popular. So here's what I have to say: I'd like to apologize to Sonic, for helping vote him out (without actually voting for him). To all the little people I had to step on to make it into third place (sorry). And I'd also like to say that throughout all of these meetings and tribal councils I still haven't found the meaning of life. I'm not really dissapointed. I never expected to do anything really, so I exceeded my expectations and had a blast. I'd also like to say that Cartoons rule, Survivor Guy shoulda been voted out earlier on, and that if you have any complaints or comments please send them to me, [email protected], ASAP. PS: I accept fanmail and pictures of pretty girls.

Name Voted For: Comment
Dial555 LogoLarson This is my hardest vote yet, even though I hate to do it I am voting Logo because even though he is a good friend Chris is also a friend and Logo has more points than me therefore I have to sadly vote for Logo.

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