16 people are about to begin the adventure of a lifetime. Who are these 16 people that will be put through the ultimate human competition online? They don't know yet, but they are about to be split into 2 different tribes to start the game. So...let's meet them.

The Samburu tribe, which will always be red, consists of:

Sonicgear123, a 15 year old fiery tempered boy from Illionois (OLS2: 10th place).

Alec54, A 13 year old extremely quiet boy from Pennsylvania (OLS2: 4th place).

SpiderFab4, a 17 year old male college student from Massachusettes. (New Contestant).

Orioleseight, an extremely quiet 11 year old boy from Maryland. (New Contestant).

BunGLeTeEn, a 15 year old girl from New Jersey (New Contestant).

DampeRIP, a mysterious 13 year old boy from North Carolina (OLS2: 5th place).

DaFRO810 2, an outspoken 16 year old male from Pennsylvania. (OLS1: 6th place).

and DancinQueenBabe, a 14 year old girl from New York, the name says the rest. (New Contestant).

The Boran tribe, which will always be gold, consists of:

Shiro/Neokku, a 14 year old boy from New York, known as Kaschris in previous games, he changes his screen name numerous times during this game. (OLS2: 2nd place).

CyberN666, an interesting 13 year old male from Connecticut (New Contestant).

Bodymechanic24, a 24 year old real Survivor semi-finalist from New York. (New Contestant).

Aeon17, The first Canadian to take part in the game, a 13 year old male from Alberta (New Contestant).

InXdefenseXXX, a very complex 15 year old male from New Jersey (New Contestant).

mmxsuperfan, the most eager contestant of the game, and a 10 year old male from Pennsylvania (New Contestant).

Boodu2boo, a 13 year old extremely confusing boy from Pennsylvania (OLS1: Survivor, OLS2: 15th place).

and Matgemini, a scary 13 year old male from Pennsylvania (OLS2: 12th place).

And I'm your host, Survivor Guy 886, a 19 year old college student from Pennsylvania. Unlike the real Survivor I will be spending every minute with the Survivors, but keep in mind that the game continues to be played 24 hours a day for 3 months regardless of what's happening. Now let's start Online Survivor 3 by checking in on all 16 contestants, who are about to be given the news of which tribe they are in.