Actual Date: March 21, 2002
Actual Day: 65

Tribal Council #10

Alec54 voting...

Sonicgear123: ...
Survivor Guy 886: CYBERN
CyberN 666 voting...

A lot of stuff has been happening, and one of those things was u telling me u wanted to go with Dafro and me till the end. I want dafro out ASAP, he will win if we don't take care of him soon, so, after thinking all of this, I desided to vote Inx, and this will show dafro, that he is not invinsible, and once he loses immunity, he goes, bye-bye...but for now, bye-bye-Inx

Sonicgear123: You heartless people.
InXdefenseXxX: sonic would u please be quiet
InXdefenseXxX: u are so stupid
InXdefenseXxX: and u make no sense
DaFRO810 2: so how've you been, Ashton?
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: good
Sonicgear123: Shut up
DaFRO810 2: good to hear
Sonicgear123: You cant talk to jury members.
DaFRO810 2: but we can still win, Sonic :)
InXdefenseXxX: and u cant talk to us so be quiet
DaFRO810 2: so bite your tongue, and don't be so sore
Sonicgear123: sore?
InXdefenseXxX: oh wait ur the idioit who lost becuase oh ur not accepted in society or even this little game
DaFRO810 2: how's school going, Ashton... your grades back up from the other day... you said they were straggling a little...
Sonicgear123: I lost because im a threat.
Survivor Guy 886: DAFRO
DaFRO810 2: ok
DaFRO810 2 voting...

Alec... I can't go against popular opinion... don't hold it against me, my friend

InXdefenseXxX: sure u stunk
InXdefenseXxX: we hated you
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: yes...they are doing better
Sonicgear123: yep.
Sonicgear123: im a hated person.
DaFRO810 2: good to hear, Ashton
Sonicgear123: you done your job.
InXdefenseXxX: ur an annoyance
Sonicgear123: How would you know?
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: can someone tell me what happened on Survivor Marquesas last night, i went to a friend(sorta) and missed it
Sonicgear123: Tribe Switch
Survivor Guy 886: INX
InXdefenseXxX voting...

im votin for grudge he just doesnt do nothing sorry man no hard feelings

DaFRO810 2: Sarah got voted out
InXdefenseXxX: i personally didnt hold a grudge until u got voted off.....then ur all like oh feel bad for me and blah blah blah no one likes me and all this junk
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: Tribe Switch?
DaFRO810 2: yeah, that too
Sonicgear123: im sure you didnt hold a grudge on me
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: whats that
DaFRO810 2: rob, sean, and v got sent to Rotu
Sonicgear123: that was cheap.
Sonicgear123: cheap trick.
Survivor Guy 886: ORIOLES
orioles eight: ok
orioles eight voting...

DaFRO810 2: and paschal, kathy, and leah? got sent to Marammu
Sonicgear123: neleh
DaFRO810 2: my bad
Survivor Guy 886: LEAH?
Sonicgear123: k
DaFRO810 2: i couldn't remember her name.... it had leah in it, though....
DaFRO810 2: but oh well
Sonicgear123: remember,neleh is helen backwards
DaFRO810 2: ah... thank you for pointing this out, Sonic and MMX
Sonicgear123: np
DaFRO810 2: i still wish they would've gotten rid of Kathy, though
Sonicgear123: Kathy sucks,I hate her
DaFRO810 2: Kathy's annoying... At least i can enjoy seeing Sarah on a weekly basis
Sonicgear123: Poor Sarah=(
InXdefenseXxX: her and her gigantic boobs......tee hee
DaFRO810 2: indeed
SpiderFab4: lol
InXdefenseXxX: lol
DaFRO810 2: so... will Kent St. finally stop screwing me over in my March Madness pool.....
DaFRO810 2: my goodness i hope so
InXdefenseXxX: haha of course not
Survivor Guy 886: FINALLY...SPIDER
SpiderFab4 voting...

Sonicgear123: why didnt you pick Kent St. to win
Sonicgear123: Kent St. is actually a very good team
Sonicgear123: Final Four for them!
DaFRO810 2: cuz i figured 'Bama could beat them
DaFRO810 2: nah... they won't beat Duke... that'd be devastating
Sonicgear123: heh...the one I sent for nationals competition i had Holy Cross and Davidson in the Final 2
InXdefenseXxX: yea
DaFRO810 2: lol
Survivor Guy 886: I'LL GO TALLY THE VOTES
InXdefenseXxX: ...ok
Sonicgear123: Wyoming killed my bracket in a local comp

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