Actual Date: March 14, 2002
Actual Day: 58

Night 27-Motomaji Tribe

DaFRO810 2: it was a moving speech
DaFRO810 2: too long though.... i missed dinner it was so long
DaFRO810 2: anyway...
Alec54: jeeze
Alec54: orioles would have gotten voted off, had i been there?
DaFRO810 2: i, as a sign of mercy, vote Orioles, so Sonic can feel glad that somebody gave him a little cheer, or something like that
DaFRO810 2: of course, Cybern and Spider were not so nice
DaFRO810 2: and thus, Sonic's gone
DaFRO810 2: and Cybern's mighty pissed at you
Alec54: why?
Alec54: cause i voted with one of my allies?
DaFRO810 2: because you were supposed to, at least as far as we knew, vote w/us
DaFRO810 2: remember, he had no idea you were aligned w/ Sonic
Alec54: oh..
DaFRO810 2: ****, i forgot about it myself
DaFRO810 2: i didn't even think about it until you said something
Alec54: o
DaFRO810 2: but it's all good... we all did what we have to do
Alec54: i didn't want to vote you guys
DaFRO810 2: i know
Alec54: so is Cybern my enemy?
DaFRO810 2: i'm not sure
Alec54: ugh
Alec54: i better start winning immunity
DaFRO810 2: but i figured i'd give you the heads up
Alec54: thanks
DaFRO810 2: your quite welcome, my friend
DaFRO810 2: but, the alliance has, for all intended purposes, finished, as we got rid of Sonic as we planned
DaFRO810 2: so i will do my best to help you
Alec54: thanks
Alec54: i'm gone...
DaFRO810 2: your welcome
Alec54: since you are all allied
Alec54: and i'm pretty much everyone's enemy
DaFRO810 2: not mine
Alec54: true
Alec54: but if they revolt, will you vote with them against me?
DaFRO810 2: and remember... i have a **** of a lot of power... Dampe will most likely be the next to go
Alec54: i forgot about him
DaFRO810 2: i doubt they will
DaFRO810 2: dampe will go next
Alec54: then who's going to be left?
DaFRO810 2: but i wouldn't suggest going after Spider this week as we had planned earlier
Alec54: ok
DaFRO810 2: me,u,spider,cybern,defense,and orioles
Alec54: i'm not sure who to go for anymore..
Alec54: spider is a threat, orioles hates me, and cybern hates me
DaFRO810 2: just as long as we agree to not go after each other
Alec54: i'm not going after you
DaFRO810 2: i know
DaFRO810 2: and i won't go after you
DaFRO810 2: you are definitely safe at least one more week
Alec54: lol
DaFRO810 2: and, if worse comes to worse, you could always aid me on the jury :)
DaFRO810 2: lol
DaFRO810 2: j/k
Alec54: sure
Alec54: you're about the only person i'm friends with
DaFRO810 2: and you're one of the only ones i know for sure aren't planning on stabbing me in the back
DaFRO810 2: i just hope i don't lose my sanity like Sonic if something like that occurs to me
Alec54: only you know
DaFRO810 2: oh... nah, had you been there, I probably would have voted Sonic... didn't see that question there
DaFRO810 2: about if orioles would've been gone had you been there
Alec54: ?
Alec54: oic
DaFRO810 2: oh, ok
DaFRO810 2: so you watch any of March Madness?
Alec54: i dno't they'll backstab you
Alec54: nope
Alec54: if anything, they'll go after spider unless he's manipulating them
Alec54: even they should see he's a big threat
DaFRO810 2: no... keep this between you and me, but Spider's kinda been a useful puppet of mine since the beginning
DaFRO810 2: he goes far merely because he's a strong ally of mine
DaFRO810 2: just his strength didn't get him this far
DaFRO810 2: i was just able to get aligned w/ him first
Alec54: ssmart
Alec54: smart*
DaFRO810 2: indeed
DaFRO810 2: i'm good at trivia, and so is he
DaFRO810 2: thus, if i falter at some point, which i do occasionally, he's there to "pick up the fumble" if you will
DaFRO810 2: i g2g, talk to you later, my friend

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