DancinQueenBabe's Last Words:

Outwit Outlast Outplay Are you a SURVIVOR????? well i no i am!!!! LOL!~ WELL THATs it I'm Out!~ Peace Every1 & Good Luck!!!~

Name Voted For: Comment
Sonicgear123 DancinQueenBabe DancinQueenBabe,she doesnt help us,so she shall pay the price.
Alec54 DancinQueenBabe DancinQueen, she seems like she wants to be out and everyone else agreed to vote forher. although..i have a feeling i may be being tricked, but..that's my choice
SpiderFab4 DancinQueenBabe DancinQueen, Idleness
orioles eight Sonicgear123 sonic, he's a big threat to me and probably everyone else
BunGLeTeEn Herself (Absent) -
DampeRIP Himself (Absent) -
DaFRO810 2 DancinQueenBabe dancinqueen, she doesn't show ever, and doesn't like to be here when she shows
DancinQueenBabe Herself (Absent) -