Sonicgear123's Last Words:

People suck.

Vote #1

Name Voted For: Comment
Sonicgear123 orioles eight Orioles,time for revenge
Alec54 orioles eight orioles, he wanted me gone, and i'm not voting sonic, since we're allies from the start
SpiderFab4 Sonicgear123 Sonic, Hes gotta go
orioles eight Himself (Absent) -
DampeRIP Himself (Absent) -
DaFRO810 2 Sonicgear123 Sonic... apparently, he tried to trick me into eliminating Orioles instead.... but no dice, Sonic... sorry, but you agitated me.... Good bye
CyberN666 Sonicgear123 I have really gotten along with u, but I know u r a threat, I can't tell u to ur face how much I don't believe the bull**** u have been telling me lately though, so this is goodbye, Sonic
InXdefenseXxX Himself (Absent) -

Vote #2

Name Voted For: Comment
SpiderFab4 Sonicgear123 Sonic, he was boring me with his ramblings
DaFRO810 2 Sonicgear123 Sonic... touching speech, really.... i like mine better though, they're more to the point... it's just a game Sonic.... buhbye
CyberN 666 orioles eight orioles, I kinda want sonic to stay, but o well, it won't happen