Actual Date: March 13, 2002
Actual Day: 57

Night 26-Motomaji Tribe

InXdefenseXxX: so sonic this week
DaFRO810 2: indeed
InXdefenseXxX: then alec then dampe
DaFRO810 2: yeah
InXdefenseXxX: that would leave me u cybern orioles and spider
DaFRO810 2: it's funny... Alec told me today he thought you and cybern were part of an alliance :)
DaFRO810 2: i laughed my *** off
InXdefenseXxX: hahaha
DaFRO810 2: i didn't say anything to him, but that was hilarious
InXdefenseXxX: hahah yea
DaFRO810 2: he also asked me why we're getting rid of sonic
DaFRO810 2: i just wanted to smack him upside his head
InXdefenseXxX: hahaha i think he might turn on us
DaFRO810 2: who, alec?
InXdefenseXxX: yeah
DaFRO810 2: what the **** would he do?
InXdefenseXxX: somethings up with him
InXdefenseXxX: i know
DaFRO810 2: he ain't got a chance in ****
DaFRO810 2: or OLS3, for that matter
InXdefenseXxX: ......we should keep him out of what we do just make him vote sonic then hes gone next week
InXdefenseXxX: if he doesnt win immunity
DaFRO810 2: yeah
DaFRO810 2: i told spider to get rid of Alec before he did [get rid of] me
DaFRO810 2: really didn't want alec to win immunity
InXdefenseXxX: we need to have backup plans just in case the person we r after wins immunity
DaFRO810 2: but after next week we're done w/ Alec
InXdefenseXxX: yeah
DaFRO810 2: well... if alec wins next week, we get dampe
InXdefenseXxX: yeah
InXdefenseXxX: and vice versa
DaFRO810 2: lol
DaFRO810 2: you think Dampe will win immunity?
InXdefenseXxX: the only problem were gonna face is in two weeks
InXdefenseXxX: no
InXdefenseXxX: he wont show
InXdefenseXxX: someones gonna get screwed over big two weeks
InXdefenseXxX: its gonna be a shame
DaFRO810 2: yeah... either orioles or spider
DaFRO810 2: yeah
InXdefenseXxX: yeah
InXdefenseXxX: but now we gotta think
InXdefenseXxX: ......if we were to make final four which one orioles or spider would benifit us or destroy us
DaFRO810 2: here's the thing... Spider's a **** of a lot stronger than Orioles... yet Spider's been w/me since the beginning... so i'm torn between the two
InXdefenseXxX: we'll keep spider then
DaFRO810 2: ok
DaFRO810 2: the only thing is can you and me build up enough SP to override Spider when the end comes
InXdefenseXxX: i just hope honestly its me vs u one on one......i would love to see who would win that
InXdefenseXxX: no personal gurdge with it
DaFRO810 2: yeah
DaFRO810 2: it'll be me v. u
InXdefenseXxX: yeah that would be sweet
DaFRO810 2: here's how it'll play out, the way i see it
InXdefenseXxX: ok
DaFRO810 2: me, u, cybern, spider
InXdefenseXxX: yeah
DaFRO810 2: if me or spider wins, cybern goes
InXdefenseXxX: ..unforunlatly yes
DaFRO810 2: if u or cybern wins, spider goes
InXdefenseXxX: yeah
DaFRO810 2: then me or you has to win immunity next
DaFRO810 2: then cybern or spider goes
InXdefenseXxX: yeah
InXdefenseXxX: thats a great plan
InXdefenseXxX: i love it already
DaFRO810 2: indeed it is

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