Actual Date: April 12, 2002
Actual Day: 87

Final Tribal Council

Alec54: ....
CyberN 666: good luck once again, Spider
SpiderFab4: You 2
DaFRO810 2: good luck, my finalist friends :)
Alec54: we go in alphabetical order?
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: *plays Tribal Council Music in background)
Alec54: well
Alec54: give me a minute
DaFRO810 2: no response from the finalists?
CyberN 666: ask if u can go last
CyberN 666: for laughs
DaFRO810 2: yeah... do it, alec
CyberN 666: lol
DaFRO810 2: you can do it!
Alec54: lol
Alec54: hmm
Alec54: ?tsal og i nac

Alec54 voting...

spider, CyberN backstabbed me and used me as somewhat of a tool and not an ally at one point. Spider, was the nice guy throughout the game. As little as I knew him, he wasn't like the other I am choosing over. Besides, I have a very good guess on the outcome of this game, and like last time, I don't beleive that my vote would matter

Alec54: there
DaFRO810 2: lol
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: backwards
Alec54: its in
DaFRO810 2: thank goodness i'm dyslecsic (sp?)
DaFRO810 2: how do you spell that, anyway?
Alec54: reason time
Alec54: *takes a deep breath*
orioles eight: dyslexic
DaFRO810 2: thank you, orioles
DaFRO810 2: oh... that was a j/k about my being dyslexic
Sonicgear123: and what would you say if I said that?
orioles eight: really?
DaFRO810 2: yep
orioles eight: nothin wrong with being dyslexic, right?
DaFRO810 2: no
DaFRO810 2: i'm not dyslexic, though..
orioles eight: you mean "on"
DaFRO810 2: i was joking
DaFRO810 2: yes...
DaFRO810 2: my bad
Sonicgear123: yawn
Alec54: alrghty
DampeRIP: waiting sucks........
Alec54: alrighty*
Survivor Guy 886: ASHTON
Alec54: ASHTON
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: hmm...
CyberN 666: yeah, this takes too long
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: let me see...
Ashton Gyoro DBZ voting...

Survivor Guy 886: DAFRO
DaFRO810 2: by the way..... ***** a si gohegdeh eht
orioles eight: lol
Sonicgear123: guess what my sn means.
DampeRIP: yerp
DaFRO810 2 voting...

DampeRIP: Sonicgear123?
Alec54: why don't you tell us?
Sonicgear123: yeah
Sonicgear123: cause Dafro has been wrong the entire time
DaFRO810 2: sonic... you got 8th, i got 3rd.... so f*** off.... you're just a bad loser
Survivor Guy 886: DAMPE
DampeRIP: Really bad loser
Sonicgear123: bad loser?
DaFRO810 2: yes
DampeRIP: I vote for Alec
DampeRIP voting...

DaFRO810 2: bad loser
DaFRO810 2: lol
Alec54: thanks
DaFRO810 2: so did i
Alec54: anyone else
Alec54: for the RESSURECT ALEC plan?
Sonicgear123: for saying what?
DaFRO810 2: yep
CyberN 666: I'd say yes, Alec, but u already voted....
CyberN 666: no
CyberN 666: j/k
Alec54: you could have just said yes
CyberN 666: ok
CyberN 666: yes
Alec54: and not have open made it clear you were trying to bribe me
CyberN 666: lol
Alec54: unless that was your origional intention
OnlineHost: InXdefenseXxX has entered the room.
DaFRO810 2: inx finally arrive
Alec54: well look at that
DaFRO810 2: welcome
CyberN 666: I was just kidding, Alec
Alec54: hey
Alec54: i know
CyberN 666: hello there Inx
InXdefenseXxX: hello
InXdefenseXxX: did i miss anything
Alec54: everything
Alec54: we're voting
DaFRO810 2: we're making our votes now
InXdefenseXxX: can i make a final word before i do?
Alec54: sure
InXdefenseXxX: question or what not
DaFRO810 2: only if you insult Sonic as well as i did :)
DaFRO810 2: j/k
DaFRO810 2: go ahead, inx
InXdefenseXxX: i want to ask a question to both sonic and cybern before I vote
InXdefenseXxX: cause the answer will affect how i vote
orioles eight: i am here!!!!!!
Survivor Guy 886: ORIOLES
orioles eight voting...

InXdefenseXxX: ok.......
InXdefenseXxX: we asking questions now?
InXdefenseXxX: or do i just ask
DaFRO810 2: let everybody else vote, then ask away
Survivor Guy 886: I'LL TELL YOU THEN
Survivor Guy 886: SONIC
Sonicgear123 voting...

CyberN 666: yeah! the SP amount doesn't matter now!
CyberN 666: if I had more though, I'll be sad

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