DaFRO810 2's Last Words:

I shall begin my last official statement of Online Survivor 3 by running down my viewpoints on each and every contestant in the game, from 16 to where I have been eliminated, at which point I will reveal my predictions for the remainder of the game.

16. Boodu2boo

Frankly, I think Bood is an ***. Nobody liked him in the first Online Survivor, and nobody likes him now. He should have been voted most overrated for OLS1, as quite frankly if more people had shown up he wouldn’t have had a snowball’s chance in **** back then. With any luck, we’ll never have to see him again. Choke on your MEOWs, Bood!

15. Matgemini

Matgemini’s pretty nice to me. I have no beef with him, and I think he’s an alright guy… Just don’t go and hack me, my friend :)

14. DancinQueenBabe

The girl was bored out of her skull. She wanted to go as bad as I wanted to see her go.

13. MMXSuperfan

MMXSuperfan was very friendly, and perhaps my most loyal and trustworthy ally throughout the whole game. Without his involvement in helping me form an "inter-tribal" alliance in the early stages of the game, I might not have made it this far. However, Superfan was too naïve to be considered a major adversary to anyone. He should have made it farther, but would have served only to give me more of a majority votewise.

12. Bungleteen

Bungleteen, in the few times I spoke with her, seemed rather amiable (friendly in laymen’s terms). Her interests in older men struck me as a bit odd, but I’m sure it made Bob Dole happy that the Viagra he was advertising could finally be useful :) I'll stop now, before I get Spider mad for messin' with his woman :).

11. Aeon17

He was a strange fellow, that Cannuck. However, I must say I don’t hold him in high regard for leading to my favorite henchman’s demise. I find it interesting that Boran considered him a good luck charm, considering they ended up going into the merge down 6-4.

10. Kaschris/Shiro A 8th Team/Neokku

He’s alright, but has one **** of an identity crisis :). He left so early cuz my friend Spider didn’t like him and he was too strong for my tastes. Truthfully, Kashirokku was the most formidable of all challengewise… it would have been too difficult for me to defeat him, so he had to go.

9. Ashton Gyoro DBZ

Ashton’s pretty cool. Probably would’ve kept him till close to the end had I been able to align with him at the beginning. He came in too late in the game to be a threat… but watch out for him in Online Survivor 4…

8. Sonicgear123

Ah yes… the *****y blue hedgehog who can count as high as a pro wrestling referee. Truth be told, he takes the game too personally to win it… his whole loyalty to the bitter end lacks all logic. Had I stuck it out with him and Kashirokku, I would have ended up beaten by them along with Alec, Dampe, and all their other OLS2 buddies. But apparently, I’m supposed to strategize for him rather than myself. For goodness sakes, viewers, don’t buy in to his BS.

7. InXdefenseXxX

I am still surprised that the core alliance of Inx, Spider, Cybern, and myself did not make it to the end as I had planned. He’s a good guy, and is perhaps the most likeable of all the personalities in the game. His lady troubles made for good entertainment, eh? :) Cybern was right in labeling him as a threat, though…

6. Alec54

This was the most painful elimination for me in the game. Alec was apparently more loyal to me than I thought he was, which is why I feel so bad for letting him go. His nemesis Orioles had the last say in his departure, however… had Orioles been at that TC, Cybern would have gotten 6th, and Alec would have been with me at the end, perhaps.

5. DampeRIP

Dampe’s almost as bad as Boodu is. DampeRIP is a friggin’ idiot, plain and simple. To end on the note he did was quite atrocious. To let in two people who were already eliminated from the game is horrible, and to top it all off, his only vote that wasn’t for himself was for me.

4. Orioles Eight

Orioles became my Superfan for all intents and purposes after Superfan was abruptly ousted by Boran. He’s quite a likeable character, actually, although all those questions towards the end began to bug the crap out of me (sorry Orioles :( ). However, he never posed a threat, and never, ever had a chance in the Final 4.

3. DaFRO810 2

I may appear to be cold, heartless, apathetic, and downright amoral in the way I’ve operated myself and "screwed people over" through the game. However, truth is I am simply pragmatic. I did what needed to be done in order to ensure my survival… in the end, it’s nobody else’s job to ensure my survival except for myself, and, considering the place I got, I must have done a pretty damn good job. For those like Alec who stay mad at me but at least have the decency to not ***** about me constantly, I hope you’ll eventually come to forgive me. For those such as Sonic, if I’m supposed to feel bad for being a better strategist than you, then you can kiss my fat ***!

2. CyberN666

As you would’ve seen at this point already, Cybern had everything planned out perfectly. However, it was quite obvious that his final choice was a costly one. He would’ve had an easier time beating me, as I would’ve had an easier time beating him. I was nearly as hated as he was, so he could’ve forseeably taken me….but not Spider.

1. SpiderFab4

My first ally… if it’s not gonna be me, then he will, at least most likely, be THE SURVIVOR.

Truth be told, it will be interesting to see if I end up with the labeling of this game’s hero or villain. It really all depends on whether or not Sonic has gotten to you, the viewers. My final question will most likely deal with this in some regard… Well, I’ve gone on long enough…

Will I return for OLS4…. You’ll have to wait and find out, my friends :)...

~DaFRO810 2