SillyWilly2626's Last Words:

I'm going to be a good sport about this, and not be mad. Except that Inx(Ska) is a ::CENSOR:: and he is a *%^ing mother %^*%er that can't get over me backstabbing him in OS3...What a loser...And yes, I am CyberN666...Incase anyone cares...Fan mail to [email protected] ...hate mail for Inx to [email protected] ...that is all, I guess, I had to much to do aroundthis time a year anyway...Inx is stupid, and that is all...By the way, Dafro will kill u all, especially Inx...

Name Voted For: Comment
FrOgLeTt86 SillyWilly2626 i'm voting off~ SIllyWIlly2626, because he hasnt made much of an effort to get to know me
DJpeej SillyWilly2626 SillyWilly2626, you mess with DAFROE, you GOT TA GO!
Saline33 SillyWilly2626 sillywilly2626..he hasn't made any effort to communicate with me...and it's all part of the plan!
LogoLarson SillyWilly2626 someone just told me to vote silly willy, so I vote for him cause I think he's out to get me is the reason
SillyWilly2626 LogoLarson Early in this game, I haven't been here much, but I believe going for logo is a smart thing, cause he has played before. So he shall leave, he is also annoying cause he talks to the viewers so much. And I want that job!!! :)
megamanx1691 LogoLarson logo larson, logo, you are a nice guy don't want you to go but i'm here in this alliance and i'm not tuning on them
skacore218 SillyWilly2626 im voting for silly did u think i forgot cybern really i mean did u think i forgot i mean u screwed me over so bad in OLS3 i need to get my revenge back on you. I only voted for u to win OLS3 cause i knew u were gonna lose anyways i just didnt want u to feel bad hahahahaha this feels great viewers if you only knew how great this fells wow i love it already now i get the last laugh Silly/Cybern......oh and P.S- na na na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye!!!!!!! YES NOW LEAVE YOUR WASTING MY TIME!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!
Cecil592 SillyWilly2626 sillywilly, my "alliance" right now sees cybern as a threat and i do too right now