LogoLarson's Last Words:

I'll probably never play another survivor again, and I wish this one were more satisfying. The big alliance was really depressing, and really made the game exceedingly boring for me. On top of all that I'd like to apologize for not making many meetings, and that I had so many other things to do. Goodbye MMMasterX, Viewer, and who knows: Third time's a charm?

Name Voted For: Comment
FrOgLeTt86 LogoLarson we are both voting for Logo Larson~ because he wasnt at any of the meetings this week
LogoLarson Himself (Absent) -
Cecil592 LogoLarson logolarson, I'm not sure in the least where you are, but if you manage to get to the end and come back, it could make trouble for me. Goodbye Logo..hopefully
dogdude84 LogoLarson my vote tonight is going out to a guy named logolarson. he's a great guy, and i am truly sorry about what he went throught a while ago...but he is not really a close friend like many others in this tribe. My friends are frog, prince (no pun intended) cecil. Although i am closer to frog and prince than cecil. So anyways...my vote is logolarson and that is that.
PrinceTy01 LogoLarson Tonight, the Prince banishes the one soul who never, ever took the Prince's hand in friendship. A few weeks ago, this person called His Majesty an arrogant, pompous @$$. Quite frankly, he could be right.. But, irregardless, one does not talk to the Prince in such an insolent manner and get away with it. Secondly, tonight the Prince punishes the one who voted down my glorious Rule Change several weeks ago. I would have had the power to control the SP if it wasn't for you, you damned SOB! Lastly, this person has the nerve to tell me my strategy is greatly flawed, and will fail me in the end... fool! Is it I who am on the chopping block now? This person says he couldn't win with a strategy similar to my Royal Plan in the Second Online Survivor, and I would surely not be able to win if he couldn't then. Just watch me, my friend! Yes, pity for you has enabled you to make it as far as DaFRO did in OLS1. However, tonight I run my sword through you like the dog you have been in my eyes throughout this game. Tonight, the Prince says...off with LogoLarson's head!
Ashton Gyoro DBZ Himself (Absent) -