dogdude84's Last Words:

this was a great game and i think i played it very well...the only reason i think that i was voted out was because i was a very strong player and was seen as a definite threat to the rest of the castaways. Prince is also a strong player and will mosty likely make it to the final two. I am still good friends with all the people that were in the game. I know Frog had a really hard time with it, and i was very surprised that it did indeed happen. Great game everyone and my vote in the final two will be a decisive one i can tell u that :)

Name Voted For: Comment
FrOgLeTt86 dogdude84 Man, this is so hard! This is the toughest vote I've made :(. But Dog, I have to vote you. You're a great friend, but you may be a bit too much a threat in the remainder of the game. I hope we can still be friends, cuz you're a real cool guy! Sorry, Dog... :(
Cecil592 dogdude84 Dog, Tonight, I vote you for two reasons. One, because I feel you a threat to me if I let you go on longer. Two, because you seem to be the only one left whom I am least friends with/trust.
dogdude84 Ashton Gyoro DBZ my vote tonight is for Ashton. He has not been to a lot of meetings recently and i think he has fallen off the face of the vote is ashton.
PrinceTy01 dogdude84 Tonight, the Prince must cut off a good friend, who unfortunately for him did not show good judgment on one particular evening. This person acted directly against the Prince's Edict a few Tribal Council's ago... Thus, a faithful lackey was eliminated to spare a relatively overbearing thorn in my side. Unfortunately for you, my friend, His Majesty has quite a memory... Furthermore, I find you the most capable in challenges of the people left in the game (not including myself, of course.) Thus, your execution shall come to pass this evening. The Prince says... off with Dogdude84's head!
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