Actual Date: August 8, 2002
Actual Day: 60/66

Soliantu Tribe-Night 34

PrinceTy01: Today's challenge settles it
PrinceTy01: Dog goes Sunday
Cecil 592: does it settle it?
PrinceTy01: It's like this
PrinceTy01: We were confident that you and I would make it to the final 3 regardless of who won the Final 4 immunity
PrinceTy01: As, if Dog won, you'd win the tiebreaker w/ the SP and Past votes bit
PrinceTy01: However...
PrinceTy01: Megs squeaked by today
PrinceTy01: And took that SP lead w/ her
PrinceTy01: Thus, Dog must go Sunday
PrinceTy01: To ensure our arrival to the final 3 is a safe one
Cecil 592: Yes
PrinceTy01: very good then

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