Saline33's Last Words:

Good luck ya Frogs!! Go get em!

Name Voted For: Comment
FrOgLeTt86 Saline33 Saline 33, he betrayed me and went behind my back to set up a way to get me gone so he is getting my vote tonight
DJpeej Saline33 Buddy, you are a malicious, mean spirited, hurtful person. Saline... YOU MESS WIT DAFRO, YOU GOTS TA GO!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! props to ya though bud
Saline33 Megamanx1691 is what we agreed on....gotta love the game!....good luck everyone!
LogoLarson SkaCore218 I vote ska, because he's the weakest... even though Saline's leaving, I can't vote for him
Megamanx1691 Saline33 saline33 he's screwing us all over and he tried to get rid of our froggy
SkaCore218 Saline33 im voting for Saline33 because once again another person tried to stick there nose in alliance buisness and try to take over im getting a little sick and tired of it, Saline im sorry if it has to be like this sorry for the comments that might have made u mad i dont wanna to do this but u cannot be trusted......soon enough you will know why u tried to allign with everyone and u were willing to get rid of anyone to save ur own butt and i was afraid that would ditch me at any costs to save yourself you talked about alliainces how could you if u were willing to ditch any of us even the co-leader prince......he got u where u were and u were willing to cut him out thats not an allaince thats being selfish learn from this sir and please accept this apology..............good luck in ur future endevors......soon after this i hope we become sorry
Cecil592 Saline33 saline.. i've been hearing a lot of things and i may be figuring out what's really going on now...but i heard he was only going to be allied with me until the merger then leave me to "fend for myself"