Actual Date: June 25, 2002
Actual Day: 16/66

Tribal Council #3

Ashton Gyoro DBZ: it is time to raise my sword

Ashton Gyoro DBZ voting...

Kaschris: If a tree falls on a mime in the woods, does he scream and thusly denounce his mimacy?
PrinceTy01: Your sword be raised, dear Knight
sonicmastanumba1: isnt weird that "the" and "IRS" go together, it forms THEIRS?
Survivor Guy 886: DIAL555
OnlineHost: Dial 555 rolled 1 7-sided die: 5
Dial 555 voting...

sonicmastanumba1: same with "the" and "rapist" for therapist?
OnlineHost: sonicmastanumba1 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4 1
sonicmastanumba1: DICE
Kaschris: XD
sonicmastanumba1: WHOO HOO
OnlineHost: sonicmastanumba1 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 1
PrinceTy01: ayayay
sonicmastanumba1: :-D
sonicmastanumba1: too much sugar
PrinceTy01: lol
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: :-$
sonicmastanumba1: OOOOOOOOH
sonicmastanumba1: MONEY MAN
PrinceTy01: sugar rush before TC... what an interesting thought
sonicmastanumba1: :-X
sonicmastanumba1: X marks the mouth
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: yep
sonicmastanumba1: :-D
Survivor Guy 886: KASCHRIS
Neokku voting...

>Dogdude, going no contact is pretty much an automatic oust.

sonicmastanumba1: lotta teeth in that thar guy
sonicmastanumba1: :-D
sonicmastanumba1: that one
Survivor Guy 886: PRINCETY01
PrinceTy01 voting...

>Tonight, the Prince shall, hopefully once and for all, put to rest the myth that you are the best player in Online Survivor History. I'm sick of you claiming to be the best, especially when this tribe is so extremely strong and you really haven't proven your worth in my eyes. I'm sorry, but a person who is constantly talking about monkeys IS NOT our best player. You aren't even the best pure player game wise, and you damn sure aren't the best strategist. Tonight, the Prince says off w/ Kasshirokku's head!

sonicmastanumba1: the first 7 letters in the random chat code sound like jedidiah
sonicmastanumba1: some amish dude
PrinceTy01: done
sonicmastanumba1: amish r weirdos
Dial 555: look at my random vote
PrinceTy01: yes... yes they are
sonicmastanumba1: yup
sonicmastanumba1: DESTROY THE AMISH
Dial 555: lol
sonicmastanumba1: CHARGE
Survivor Guy 886: SONICMASTANUMBA1
sonicmastanumba1 voting...

sonicmastanumba1: done
Survivor Guy 886: I'LL GO TALLY THE VOTES

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