Megamanx1691's Last Words:

I will really miss this game and all the people. I love playing this game and I really do wish everyone in my tribe the best of luck. I am really uspet right now, but I hope that you let me be in the next survivor. you know where to find me!!!!!! I hope I will be invited back for the next one!!!!

Name Voted For: Comment
FrOgLeTt86 Megamanx1691 i'm voting Mega~ because as greg said~ we are all friends and then you boot someone Its likethat game~board game Sorry you pick a card and you gotta take your thing and smash the other guy our of the way knock em ou Thats That~ SORRY Mega
DJpeej Himself (Absent) -
LogoLarson DJpeej I want to vote for him then, Djpeej, cause he's never been that fond of me, er... actually, because he's not here
Megamanx1691 LogoLarson logo, it's my goal to get past day 12 and don't wanna vote out my friends cecil frog and ska it's not that i don't like you this the toughest vote in the world i like you but i have to say sorry and goodbye logo
SkaCore218 Megamanx1691 im voting MegamanX1691 because 1) hes very very annoying 2)he thinks hes the leader of this tribe when hes really not 3) He way on the young side i mean his mind frame isnt as big as the rest of the tribes........he needs to do some growing up....Well for two seasons straight Mega its the unfortunate Day 12 sickness for you once again Day 12 will be ur enternal rest in the survivor archives goodbye and have fun.....see you soon once again i will say this if u mess with the allinace you will not live another day here......goodbye friend
Cecil592 Megamanx1691 mega, I've heard from everyone else that they're voting him, so it doesn't make much of a difference who I vote. I might as well satisify the alliance that's voting him and hit two birds with one stone. Goodbye were a good guy