SURVIVOR1311's Last Words:

Well, that was really unexpected. I thought for sure I would get further than that. But oh well. Also, one or two people on that tribe are a liers. They used me just to vote with them just so they could vote me out. I hope someone from the other tribe wins the game. Good luck, Rotu!

Name Voted For: Comment
SURVIVOR1311 Dial 555 I vote Dial 555, Well, I have talked to the others a lot more than him. I haven't really talked to him at all so I feel he should go. Also, he hasn't been on as much as the others so its his turn to go. sorry
dogdude84 SURVIVOR1311 sadly i must vote for Survivor1311...he has been a great friend, but then again someone has to go tonight. Survivor1311, you are a potential threat and it is time for you to go :-\ goodbye.
Dial 555 SURVIVOR1311 Survivor1311, i guess because he is usually not here, but this is a very tough vote for me :-(
PrinceTy01 SURVIVOR1311 This person didn't help me vote out Neokku, even though he was online at the time... he would have made it till merge, but unfortunately for him Dial showed up, voted for my rule change, and won a roll of die... tonight, the Prince says off w/ Survivor1311's head! (odd number= vote Dial, even=vote 1311)
Ashton Gyoro DBZ SURVIVOR1311 Survivor... well He's rather useless, to me, as i dont see much from him, hes not a threat, which makes it weird to vote him
sonicmastanumba1 Himself (Absent) -