Actual Date: July 21, 2002
Actual Day: 42/66

Tribal Council #7

Cecil 592: no questions for me?
Cecil 592: oh well
PrinceTy01: Poor Cecil
PrinceTy01: so left out
FrOgLeTt86: lol
Cecil 592: *sniff*

Cecil 592 voting...

>Skacore, Consider this a thank you present from Alec for his wonderful deeds in Survivor 3

Survivor Guy 886: DIAL
Dial 555 voting...

DJpeej: sigh
SkaCore218: i hope :EDITED: goes tonight
SkaCore218: hehehe
PrinceTy01: heh
SkaCore218: :EDITED: probablty ='s me.....
SkaCore218: lol
PrinceTy01: oh, ::EDITED:: shall go
PrinceTy01: heh
Survivor Guy 886: DJPEEJ
DJpeej voting...

Cecil 592: ::EDITED:: ::EDITED:: ::EDITED::
SkaCore218: djpeej voted skacore218....i mean EDITED
PrinceTy01: heh
PrinceTy01: Let's not be presumptous
PrinceTy01: That's my word of the day, FYI
Dial 555: lol
dogdude84: lol
dogdude84: big words are confusing
SkaCore218: what does that mean anyways
Survivor Guy 886: DOGDUE
dogdude84: sp?
Survivor Guy 886: HEH
Survivor Guy 886: DOGDUDE
dogdude84: lol
dogdude84 voting...

PrinceTy01: Presumptous means you assume you know what is to happen
PrinceTy01: It actually fit in that context
SkaCore218: ah ha
SkaCore218: i see
PrinceTy01: So... it's so quiet
DJpeej: too quiet
SkaCore218: i suppose EDITED knows hes gone
Survivor Guy 886: FROGGY
dogdude84: yes, intense
SkaCore218: please note this algerbraic equation
Dial 555: suspense
DJpeej: why is my name EDITED suddenly?
FrOgLeTt86: lol
Dial 555: lol
FrOgLeTt86 voting...

PrinceTy01: Oh... by the way, Coolio's "Gangster's Paradise" makes good TC
background music
SkaCore218: EDITED=Skacore218
PrinceTy01: heh
dogdude84: lol prince
DJpeej: yeah it does!
dogdude84: i can hear it now
dogdude84: so does the millionaire music
dogdude84: ......
SkaCore218: .....i love quietness
dogdude84: ... yup
PrinceTy01: The millionaire music?
dogdude84: who wants to be a ...
PrinceTy01: Sorry, had to put the little one to bed
PrinceTy01: But I'm back
dogdude84: ok
sonicmastanumba1: the little what?
PrinceTy01: The little sister
sonicmastanumba1: ah
PrinceTy01: I refer to her as "The little one"
Survivor Guy 886: PRINCE
dogdude84: *looks at fire in center of TC area*
PrinceTy01: Ah...
Cecil 592: is she little?
PrinceTy01: *Unsheathes sword*
PrinceTy01: I'll be back
sonicmastanumba1: little is relative
PrinceTy01: Must slay ::EDITED::
PrinceTy01 voting...

>Tonight, the Prince strikes down the most overbearing, overrated player to make it to the merge. This person says that he does not want his hard work to go unrewarded... the Prince poses this question: What have you done, my friend? While I spend half the night consoling poor Frog, who was your tribe mate, after she voted out Saline, you were *****ing about how it was unfair for Maraamu to beat you two weeks in a row. All you have done is follow my orders, and you haven't done so very well, either. Do you realize that it didn't matter whether you agreed to vote out Saline or not, my friend?... It would have happened anyway. Your stubborn refusal to follow my lead until it became even ridiculously obvious to you that Saline needed to go did nothing to help your cause, I'll tell you that. And for you to say that you have worked hard!?... that's a load of feces, good sir. Tonight, the Prince punishes you for your audacity. The Prince says... off with Skacore218's head!

Dial 555: realizes Green Day does not make the best TC music
Dial 555: lol
dogdude84: lol
SkaCore218: oh prnce stop trying to cut me.......geez
PrinceTy01: heh
SkaCore218: ohh that hurt
DJpeej: Angaleena Jolie says: I cut myself, I'm not afraid to cut you!
FrOgLeTt86: lol
Cecil 592: lol
dogdude84: lol
FrOgLeTt86: isnt that from girl interupted?
FrOgLeTt86: lol
DJpeej: she's in it
SkaCore218: never saw the movie
FrOgLeTt86: i know that lol
FrOgLeTt86: lol
sonicmastanumba1: me either
FrOgLeTt86: its kinda a strange movie! lol
DJpeej: My background music for this TC is "Boogie Man" by Insane Clown Posse
dogdude84: heh
dogdude84: indeed
Dial 555: my current background music is "Basket Case" by Green Day
Dial 555: lol
FrOgLeTt86: lol
SkaCore218: my current backround music is me crying hehehe
PrinceTy01: lol
Dial 555: the song is almost over though
DJpeej: yeah now mines Down With The Clown
PrinceTy01: The Prince has returned
FrOgLeTt86: mine is ~ uhh~ something i can go to sleep too lol
PrinceTy01: lol
dogdude84: lol
PrinceTy01: Ah... you need sleep, eh Frog?
Cecil 592: mine is a really annoying clicking noise that sounds when i type
or move my mouse
dogdude84: lol
dogdude84: mine is silence
FrOgLeTt86: you ride in a car all day with my family and you'd see why i
need sleep lol
dogdude84: good ol silence
PrinceTy01: lol
DJpeej: what about when I'm 103? what will you be?
dogdude84: heh
PrinceTy01: Oh... congrats to me
DJpeej: Down
Dial 555: now my TC background music is Outkast "So Fresh and So Clean"
SkaCore218: ouch
PrinceTy01: lol
Survivor Guy 886: SKACORE
SkaCore218: probably cause hes voting me
SkaCore218: lol
PrinceTy01: heh
SkaCore218 voting...

>ok im voting for DjPeej because i was told he was gone and hes not very much help....well i was told by him i was going to get voted out and even if i do then ill be a little upset knowing i was told i was a big part of this allaince but whatever i hope dj was just lying to me and prince really is on my side.....i really hope

DJpeej: er
DJpeej: er
DJpeej: it says so many things
DJpeej: er er er
dogdude84: lets all join in
dogdude84: er
DJpeej: yah!
DJpeej: er
dogdude84: lol
FrOgLeTt86: lol
DJpeej: aw dogs the only cool one here
PrinceTy01: heh
dogdude84: with an er er here and an er er there
PrinceTy01: Watch your tongue, jester!
PrinceTy01: ;)
dogdude84: here an er there an er everywhere and er er
Dial 555: :-P
PrinceTy01: Insult my coolness, will ya
DJpeej: well it's IMPLIED to you prince
Survivor Guy 886: AND MASTA
PrinceTy01: ah... ok
DJpeej: I thought it was obvious
dogdude84: old macdonald had an er eieio
DJpeej: er............................................................................................................................................................................
PrinceTy01: And it is, DJ
PrinceTy01: it is
DJpeej: wussa?
PrinceTy01: The obvious thing
PrinceTy01: whatever it is, it is obvious
DJpeej: oh yes it is
PrinceTy01: Indeed... so obvious
DJpeej: the coolness?
DJpeej: obviously
Survivor Guy 886: MASTA?
dogdude84: sure
PrinceTy01: Ah... sure, the coolness
SkaCore218: masta
SkaCore218: hello there
dogdude84: masta masta doo where are you?
SkaCore218: ????
PrinceTy01: Come now, Masta
SkaCore218: {S INACTIVE
Dial 555: where is masta
PrinceTy01: Your Prince compels you to vote
PrinceTy01: Oh... Cecil, clean my sword, will you?
PrinceTy01: I forgot all about that
dogdude84: lol
PrinceTy01: lol
Cecil 592: lol
DJpeej: yes without the p
dogdude84: eew blood is nasty
Cecil 592: *Gets...sword polish*
DJpeej: "where's the p?"
DJpeej: "it's running down my leg"
dogdude84: it's a silent p
sonicmastanumba1 voting...

>dj, my royal prince wishes for my vote to be as such

Cecil 592: *Wipes blood off of sword and polishes it*
sonicmastanumba1: sorry for the delay
PrinceTy01: heh
dogdude84: lol
sonicmastanumba1: i almost fell asleep
Cecil 592: There ya go
PrinceTy01: Ah... thank you, Cecil
Cecil 592: No prob
DJpeej: *is blinded by the glint of the sword*
PrinceTy01: *Sheathes clean sword*
DJpeej: ahhh
dogdude84: *glint bounces off dj's eye to mine*
PrinceTy01: Who just IMed me?
dogdude84: me too
SkaCore218: i did
Survivor Guy 886: I'LL GO TALLY THE VOTES

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