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FrOgLeTt86 sonicmastanumba1 i'm voting Sonicmastanumba1~ because he lied to me and i dont want to be with someone who lies sorry buddy!!! or should i say foe?
DJpeej LogoLarson Ok here's the deal.I gotta vote for LogoLasrson and it pisses me off quite a lot. I feel really bad for him and this is probably my hardest vote. Considering that it could be a trap for me because Prince knows I'm not that loyal. So I vote with him because I'm told to. I'm just a puppet and it sucks. I hate this vote a LOT. I'm just a puppet. I hate this. I gotta do it for myself though. Logo, I gotta say it, You mess wit Dafro YOU GOTS TA GO. See ya pal. Good luck.
LogoLarson Dial 555 well, I'll vote dial555, because he's a funny, quirky, lovable skamp who I don't want around anyway
Cecil592 sonicmastanumba1 masta, Goodbye more shall you wreak havoc among us
dogdude84 sonicmastanumba1 my vote is for Masta. Some people are pressuring me to vote logo, but i just dont have the heart to do so. I think masta was really mean to Frog from what i've heard, and she is a good friend. Masta must go.
Dial 555 Himself (Absent) -
PrinceTy01 sonicmastanumba1 Well, I wanted Logo gone, but Dogdude's conscience got the better of him... so, far be it from me to jump on a sunken ship... The Prince says.... off with Sonicmastanumba1's head
Ashton Gyoro DBZ Himself (Absent) -
sonicmastanumba1 LogoLarson logo, i was told to by an anonymus source