Actual Date: July 29, 2002
Actual Day: 50/66

Tribal Council #9

Cecil 592 voting...

dogdude84: heh
LogoLarson: becaue he invented the wonderful source of whining about movies and sharing pornography
PrinceTy01: lol
sonicmastanumba1: huhhhhhhhh
dogdude84: yes...
LogoLarson: otherwise known as the internet
PrinceTy01: indeed
dogdude84: oh lol i get it
LogoLarson: speaking of pornography...
LogoLarson: I've got to pee
LogoLarson: brb
PrinceTy01: lovely
dogdude84: lmao
PrinceTy01: lol
sonicmastanumba1: y would i understand this
sonicmastanumba1: im only 12.......
sonicmastanumba1: besides the pee part
dogdude84: lol masta
PrinceTy01: lol
LogoLarson: back
sonicmastanumba1: that was fast
dogdude84: fast lol
PrinceTy01: ah... welcome back
PrinceTy01: Evacuation complete, I guess
LogoLarson: the bathroom's just around the corner
sonicmastanumba1: 39 seconds
LogoLarson: it's washing hands that takes the longest
PrinceTy01: Keeping in the spirit of Austin Powers :)
PrinceTy01: Ah... I see
LogoLarson: I didn't want to miss anything
sonicmastanumba1: my dad wont let me see that
LogoLarson: oh
LogoLarson: I see
LogoLarson: keeps it all to himself, I'm sure
sonicmastanumba1: that being austin powers
PrinceTy01: Yes... forshame on him for keeping you away from Austin Powers
sonicmastanumba1: yes!
sonicmastanumba1: forshame!
Survivor Guy 886: DOGDUDE
sonicmastanumba1: whats forshame mean?
dogdude84: yey
PrinceTy01: It means he should feel bad for keeping you from seeing Austin Powers, Masta
sonicmastanumba1: o
sonicmastanumba1: he doesnt like it
sonicmastanumba1: the dude on the radio said it was ok for 12 year olds
sonicmastanumba1: but my mom said
sonicmastanumba1: well shes not your mother
sonicmastanumba1: so u cant see it
LogoLarson: maybe when you turn the big 1-3 sonic
sonicmastanumba1: no
PrinceTy01: ah... perhaps
sonicmastanumba1: shes says i can rent it when im 16
dogdude84 voting...

LogoLarson: gold member was ok
sonicmastanumba1: *sigh*
PrinceTy01: I liked Goldmember
sonicmastanumba1: i wish i could like goldmember
PrinceTy01: It was less cohesive than the other two, but had more funny lil' skits
LogoLarson: yeah
LogoLarson: like the subtitles
sonicmastanumba1: cohesive?
LogoLarson: dear god, the subtitles!
PrinceTy01: lol
sonicmastanumba1: the radio dude says there were a lot of famous cameo apperences
LogoLarson: have some shitake mushrooms
sonicmastanumba1: subtitle?
sonicmastanumba1: HURRY UP DOG
sonicmastanumba1: JEEZ
LogoLarson: gesus dawg
sonicmastanumba1: ha
sonicmastanumba1: i said it first
sonicmastanumba1: my grandmas playing canasta with her friends
sonicmastanumba1: how do u play canasta
LogoLarson: what the heck is canasta?
LogoLarson: wait
sonicmastanumba1: a card game
sonicmastanumba1: what
LogoLarson: wasn't that the name of that stripper... oh a card game, never mind
sonicmastanumba1: LOL
sonicmastanumba1: whats a subtitle?
Survivor Guy 886: LOGOLARSON
LogoLarson: YES?
OnlineHost: PrinceTy01 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 6
sonicmastanumba1: WHATS A FRIKIN SUBTITLE
sonicmastanumba1: can i cure sinse i cant lose sp?
sonicmastanumba1: *curse
LogoLarson voting...

sonicmastanumba1: HELLO
sonicmastanumba1: WHATS A SUBTITLE
Cecil 592: think
PrinceTy01: Subtitle
Cecil 592: sub-title
sonicmastanumba1: yes
sonicmastanumba1: i got aht part
Cecil 592: sub means below
sonicmastanumba1: &that
Cecil 592: so it's a title under another title
sonicmastanumba1: title below
sonicmastanumba1: meaning
Cecil 592: like
Cecil 592: say you were writing a report
sonicmastanumba1: goldmember is a subtitle of austin powers?
sonicmastanumba1: since its under it?
Cecil 592: i guess
sonicmastanumba1: on the logoy thing?
Cecil 592: and the title was Cars
sonicmastanumba1: and then
Cecil 592: in cars, you would have subtitles talking about different
Cecil 592: like Big cars
sonicmastanumba1: a report by blah blah blah
dogdude84: i like small cars lol
Cecil 592: and another subtitle for Small Cars
Survivor Guy 886: PRINCE
PrinceTy01 voting...

>Tonight, the Prince chooses to make an example. One person, a person I thought was quite loyal to me, has attempted to convince the masses that I have brainwashed them. I assure you, my friend, that I do not have "Slave Crowns" (A Final Fantasy III reference, FYI) upon the others heads. What you said defamed my character, and also singled you out as a traitor to the Royal Kingdom. Oh, tonight you shall see what traitors face! You may have come at the last second looking for forgiveness, and that's all well and good... However, it will not be enough to stay your execution, for it was you that messed w/ DaFRO, and you will be going this evening. Tonight, the Prince says.... off with Djpeej's head!

dogdude84: i have a bmw's pretty cool ;)
sonicmastanumba1: can we finish so i can go be bored sopmewhere else?
sonicmastanumba1: *somewhere
sonicmastanumba1: here about the girl shot by a guy cuz he lost to her in a comp game and she teasod him about it?
sonicmastanumba1: he shot her
dogdude84: yikes sux for her
dogdude84: no didnt hear that
sonicmastanumba1: (Keyword to:
sonicmastanumba1: theres a link at the top
dogdude84: ok
sonicmastanumba1: prince hurry up
dogdude84: lol
Survivor Guy 886: I'LL GO TALLY THE VOTES

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