Actual Date: August 12, 2002
Actual Day: 64/66

Tribal Council #13

Cecil 592: lets not vote for Cecil
Cecil 592: alright
PrinceTy01: lol
PrinceTy01: Go, Cecil
FrOgLeTt86: or frog! lol
PrinceTy01: lol
PrinceTy01: Or Sillywilly
PrinceTy01: ;)
dogdude84: lol
PrinceTy01: lol
dogdude84: he's long gone lol
PrinceTy01: lol... indeed he is
PrinceTy01: To think otherwise would be simply... Silly
dogdude84: indeed
PrinceTy01: quite
FrOgLeTt86: lol
PrinceTy01: lol

Cecil 592 voting...

>Ashton, Tonight we have 4 people. One is me. And the other 3 are Prince, you, and Megs. I couldn't go against either of them, and I also could not let someone whom isn't going to show up get any farther. Goodbye Ashton.

Cecil 592: it is done
PrinceTy01: Ah... alrighty then
dogdude84: done it is?
PrinceTy01: indeed
FrOgLeTt86: i wanna go to sleepppppppppp...........
FrOgLeTt86: lol
PrinceTy01: lol
dogdude84: i need some zzzzz's as well
FrOgLeTt86: lol
dogdude84: but i can stay here til we finish lol
PrinceTy01: lol
FrOgLeTt86: lol
PrinceTy01: I forget...
PrinceTy01: Is Masta here right now?
PrinceTy01: ;)
dogdude84: lol
sonicmastanumba1: WHAT GAME SHOULd I GET
sonicmastanumba1: yes
PrinceTy01: ok, he is
dogdude84: guess so lol
PrinceTy01: lol
FrOgLeTt86: a fun one!
PrinceTy01: Get Final Fantasy II
dogdude84: survivor!
dogdude84: lool
PrinceTy01: Since you have 3 already
PrinceTy01: lol
sonicmastanumba1: im at zeromus
sonicmastanumba1: the last boss
Survivor Guy 886: FROGGY
FrOgLeTt86 voting...

PrinceTy01: Yes... Survivor, the video game
dogdude84: that game sucks as a comp game
PrinceTy01: Oh... ok then
sonicmastanumba1: have it
PrinceTy01: Does it?
PrinceTy01: I haven't played it
sonicmastanumba1: sorta
dogdude84: it's so sloooow
sonicmastanumba1: yes
sonicmastanumba1: it usually freezes at like the merger for me
dogdude84: yea
dogdude84: i always win though
dogdude84: it's way too easy
sonicmastanumba1: kicjk, punch, its all in the mind
PrinceTy01: Ah.. I see
sonicmastanumba1: if ya wanna test me
Survivor Guy 886: PRINCE
sonicmastanumba1: im sure youll find that the things ill teach ya
sonicmastanumba1: r sure to beat ya
dogdude84: heh
sonicmastanumba1: but nevertheless youll get a lesson from teacher now
sonicmastanumba1: kick
FrOgLeTt86: i have 2 survivor comp games lol
dogdude84: yea i just have the first
sonicmastanumba1: found the lyrics
sonicmastanumba1: i love the moose level
FrOgLeTt86: i got them for my b-day lol~ they are both the same lol
Survivor Guy 886: MOOSE?
dogdude84: lol
sonicmastanumba1: parappa
dogdude84: parappa?
PrinceTy01: Hmmm...
Survivor Guy 886: THE RAPPA
sonicmastanumba1: for psx
Cecil 592: I go off for one minute and look what happens
dogdude84: oh....k....
sonicmastanumba1: Don't get cocky, it's gonna get rocky, we gonna move down to the next ya jockey now
PrinceTy01: *Sends Royal Servant boy to deliever vote*
Cecil 592: lol
sonicmastanumba1: Hmm, yeah, I see you're getting better, kick to the limit in order to get her now
Cecil 592: *Stops Royal Servent*
Survivor Guy 886: NO PRINCE, YOU GO
PrinceTy01: If I'm a glutton, I'm too lazy
Cecil 592: *Hands him a Dagger*
PrinceTy01 voting...

sonicmastanumba1: Come on now, why don't you follow my words, because we're almost done I'll make it easy at first I wanna see if you wanna see what it means to be the man with the master plan Are you the man now?
sonicmastanumba1: /Moose/ Alright, we're here, just sittin' in the car I want you to show me if you can get far/repeat/ Step on the gas! Step on the brakes! Step on the gas!
sonicmastanumba1: Moose/ When I say boom boom boom! you say bam bam bam! No pause inbetween Come on, let's jam!/repeat/ Step on the gas! Step on the brakes! Step on the brakes! Step on the gas!
sonicmastanumba1: /Moose/ Woh ho ho ho! Stop the car! We got an emergency, can't you see?/repeat/ Do you know why we stopped the car? (Do I know why we stopped thecar?)
sonicmastanumba1: Guess... What... Do you know why we stopped the car? (Do I know why we stopped thecar?) Guess... What... I forgot to close the door... (You forgot to close the door...)
PrinceTy01: I'm done
dogdude84: no i don't know why the car was stopped
Survivor Guy 886: I'LL GO TALLY THE VOTES

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