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During the Reward Challenge, a twist on a popular game show turns controversal
Survivor Guy 886: SHOW ME LIZARD...
Survivor Guy 886: [SMALL LIZARDS] [SNAKES] [3] [4] [5]
Gestahl94: ahem...
DDR3Addict51290: what about big lizards?
Gestahl94: They said lizards
Gestahl94: nothing about size
At Chuay Gahn, one member thinks about quitting the game
JYugiTTristanS: I'd hate to change the subject but this is what i was thinking.... If we lose immunity tommorow i'll make it easy for you guys to vote cause you won't have to. I'll quit....
Gestahl94: u aren't quitting
Gestahl94: and we aren't going to lose immunity
And Sook Jai tries to even up Immunities
JYugiTTristanS: WAIT A SEC!
DDR3Addict51290: how is that english?
Clearwater88: omg im a failure
Clearwater88: FAILURE!