Dale Jr 8 NL's Last Words:

well, doesn't this suck...lol...Figured I'd be leaving today, but Clear, I didn't want your immunity. I wanted to to either leave knowing you were safe, or give my immunity to you, even though it may not work out right, I wanted you to move on over me... Ju-Good luck in the finals, you played this game like I did OS3, and I need to note that you did better than Dale...lol Yosh-You are just...there...lol...Never really talked to you, and you played the quiet game all through this, the way you win one of these, but not the way I like people to win them... Frog-You play this game so well cause no one wants to vote you...ever...you may suck at the challenges, but you are the best OS player in this game... Clear-You are my alliance buddy...lol Win an immunity or two and take this thing from those evil peoples...

Name Voted For: Comment
FrOgLeTt86 Dale Jr 8 NL Dale... John really wants me to... I'm sorry, Dale :(.
Yoshman4 Dale Jr 8 NL I am voting dale. I a mfreaking out. I am shaking. I changed my mind 45345341535134 times, maybe more. But strategy wise, dale needs to go. Once he goes, then either clear or JU will go, then i am in final 3, so dale is going :-/
JUAirborne13 Dale Jr 8 NL DALE: I know I'm totally scewing over getting in the FINAL 2! But you lied to me, you betrayed me, you screwed me now screw you
Dale Jr 8 NL JUAirborne13 alright, after a long thinking process, and talking to everyone, alligning with everyone, and pretty much putting myself in the safest spot into the final 3, I have come to the desision that Ju shall leave tonight. Thank you, clear, for keeping that immunity, for if you gave it to me, I might have been forced to vote you to save my own butt later on. As for Frog and Yosh, I am not positive that I will keep my word with you, I just have to hope that clear picks up the next immunity and I don't have to vote him to stay loyal to you two...and with all this planning, Ju, you are left out, meaing you leave next...I am very, very, sorry, my friend, but you pissed off Da' Fro, and now you've gotta go! :)
Clearwater88 JUAirborne13 I really don't want to vote this person, but I must, If i want to get farther in the game I need to vote Ju. I'm really really sorry:(