[Date]>{February 14, 2003}
[Actual Day]>{19/89}

[Sook Jai-Day 9]

Dale Jr 8 NL has entered the room.
Clearwater88 has entered the room.
BPCrap has entered the room.
Dale Jr 8 NL: hello people
BPCrap: Hi all
BPCrap: Sorry if Im not to "active" in here
JUAirborne13 has entered the room.
Clearwater88: its ok
BPCrap: Im hosting a Real World Road Rules Challenge game
Clearwater88: im in it!
BPCrap: and there are 30 people in it
Clearwater88: yup!
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
Dale Jr 8 NL: How is everyone?
Matgemini has entered the room.
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol, look at this: Ralph Wiggums: "My doctor says I wouldsn't have as many nose bleed if I stopped sticking my finger up there"
Dale Jr 8 NL: Wouldn't*, bleeds*
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
JUAirborne13: ANyone have a VALENTINE?
Clearwater88: What?
Dale Jr 8 NL: from who?
JUAirborne13: Do u guys have a VALENTINE?
Dale Jr 8 NL: from who?
BPCrap: i do
Dale Jr 8 NL: I got one from Frog, I think she sent one to everyone
BPCrap: she did lol
Clearwater88: i got one
Clearwater88: lol
Clearwater88: BP
Clearwater88: i sent it in
Clearwater88: up to 507
Clearwater88: now tell me who had the most so far?
Clearwater88: cmooon:-)
Dale Jr 8 NL: huh?
Clearwater88: bp!
JUAirborne13: I mean't a girlfriend valentine
JUAirborne13: not a card
JUAirborne13: lol
BPCrap: results should be out soon
Matgemini: i have one,
Matgemini: her name is elizabeth
Clearwater88: o
Matgemini: she's the girl i like,
Clearwater88: lol i sent a girl a rose;-)
JUAirborne13: OK SHUT UP NOW
JUAirborne13: LOL
Clearwater88: k
Clearwater88: again...
Clearwater88: OOOH PUZZLE!
JUAirborne13: I guess a puzzle
Clearwater88: lol
Dale Jr 8 NL: oh geez
Clearwater88: really?
Clearwater88: lol
Dale Jr 8 NL: like one of those slidey puzzles
Dale Jr 8 NL: with a picture, maybe soemthing like that
Clearwater88: how about dice rolling
Dale Jr 8 NL: like where is has an empty thing, and you slide the things......yeah
Dale Jr 8 NL: brb, need to start making food
Clearwater88: k
Clearwater88: *dreams about food*
JUAirborne13: it probably is words
Clearwater88: yeah
Clearwater88: im hungry i havnt aten since 12 and then i only had a hotdog in a bun -_-
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol, I had fries for lunch
Matgemini: fries?
BPCrap: we didnt have lunch
Matgemini: what kina lunch is that.
Clearwater88: i left my interact at home so i had to eat my lunch*shudders*
BPCrap: we had a bomb threat yesterday
BPCrap: and another 1 today
BPCrap: :-(
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol, the school makes good fries
Clearwater88: bomb threat..?
JUAirborne13: lol
Matgemini: hmm
Furtadofan4 has entered the room.
Furtadofan4: Hi
Clearwater88: woot! 6 out of 7
Furtadofan4: who we missin'?
Dale Jr 8 NL: DDR
BPCrap: its not me this time
BPCrap: yay
BPCrap: Im so sorry yall, but Ill be ungrounded soon
Furtadofan4: I see
Clearwater88: right
Clearwater88: i shmell a rat -_-
Clearwater88: lol jkz
Dale Jr 8 NL: you guys watch Survivor last night>
Dale Jr 8 NL: ?
JUAirborne13: YES!
JUAirborne13: OMG!
Dale Jr 8 NL: that was great
Clearwater88: nope
JUAirborne13: I feel for christy
Dale Jr 8 NL: I laughed so hard when the guys lost
Clearwater88: she got voted out?
Dale Jr 8 NL: no, a guy did
JUAirborne13: I have always felt emotional for people will disabilitys
Clearwater88: who got voted out?
Clearwater88: same
JUAirborne13: The MOdel
Dale Jr 8 NL: not sure
JUAirborne13: umm
JUAirborne13: I forgot his name
Clearwater88: lol models are stupid
Clearwater88: jkz
JUAirborne13: But I hate that Jenna
Dale Jr 8 NL: That was great, a rocket scientist coudln't solve a simple puzzle
Furtadofan4: Ryan
JUAirborne13: Christy I feel very sry for
Clearwater88: we get it
JUAirborne13: I mean it was sad to see her sad
Dale Jr 8 NL: she is the deaf one, right?
Furtadofan4: Belive me, the last thing she wants is pity
JUAirborne13: Yea
Clearwater88: and mute
Furtadofan4: *Believe
JUAirborne13: I'm not pittying her
Furtadofan4: Not mute
JUAirborne13: lol
Furtadofan4: She can speak
JUAirborne13: I'm just saying
Clearwater88: so shez deaf
JUAirborne13: FURTADO can u not be negative to me for once
Clearwater88: sum1 said she was deaf and sumthing else
Clearwater88: blind?
JUAirborne13: Its Valentines Days
JUAirborne13: No she is deaf
Clearwater88: yeah
JUAirborne13: meaning she cant hear
Clearwater88: it is
JUAirborne13: and at night
Clearwater88: yes i know that
JUAirborne13: that is kinda sad that she can't see there lips
Clearwater88: but sum1 said she was deaf and i forgot
Clearwater88: but another disability
Furtadofan4: I'm just correcting you, she can speak therefore she isn't mute
Clearwater88: im asking
JUAirborne13: I never said she was
Clearwater88: man calm down;-)
Clearwater88: is your name sum1?
Clearwater88: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegggggggscly!
Clearwater88: moving on
Furtadofan4: I didn't jump at you, please don't jump at me
Clearwater88: i was jumping at ju;-)
Clearwater88: ur perfect furtado lol
JUAirborne13: I'm not
Furtadofan4: lol
JUAirborne13: I'm saying I never said she was MUTE
JUAirborne13: ok
Clearwater88: thats nice -_-
Furtadofan4: No, I'm not
Furtadofan4: Far from it
Clearwater88: Im saying i never said you said she was mute
JUAirborne13: everytime I say something nice
JUAirborne13: u make it sound negative
Clearwater88: OH CAN IT
JUAirborne13: and I dont; know why
Clearwater88: ...-_-
JUAirborne13: I really would lyk an answer to that
JUAirborne13: if its not avaliable right now
JUAirborne13: then sry
Furtadofan4: To what?
JUAirborne13: and yes I kno I spelled available wrong there
JUAirborne13: why everytime I say something
JUAirborne13: u turn it into a negative
Clearwater88: how did i turn it negative?
JUAirborne13: Not u clear
JUAirborne13: furtado
JUAirborne13: let's have a sacratic cemenar
Clearwater88: Same question replace i with she
JUAirborne13: it's when we all ask questions
JUAirborne13: and gert the answers to them
JUAirborne13: it helps everyone get everything they want to get out
Clearwater88: alright
Clearwater88: can i go first?
Furtadofan4: I don't make everything you say negative.
JUAirborne13: Yes of course
Clearwater88: alright
Clearwater88: this question is to JU
Furtadofan4: I was merely saying that Christy had the ability to speak
JUAirborne13: ok thank you furtado
JUAirborne13: ok
Clearwater88: Do you enjoy pissing the **** out of me? Or is it just a natural thing you can't help?
JUAirborne13: I don't feel I *** you off
JUAirborne13: maybe I annoy you

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