[Date]>{February 21, 2003}
[Actual Day]>{26/89}

[Sook Jai-Night 12]

JUAirborne13: I have nothing to hide
JUAirborne13: I'd rather be truthful and open with you guys
JUAirborne13: and if u want to do the same I have no problems
JUAirborne13: I'm just glad to be here another round
Clearwater88: eah
JUAirborne13: I know your not glad i'm here clear
BPCrap: I am JU
Clearwater88: what?
Clearwater88: i dont care
Clearwater88: :P
BPCrap: Im glad ALL of US r here
JUAirborne13: because u said Dale and Furtado are voting me
BPCrap: at this merge
BPCrap: will u 2 be able to make up
BPCrap: and vote together?
JUAirborne13: I will vote with Clear
JUAirborne13: only because I don't know the other people
JUAirborne13: and I wouldn't vote him
JUAirborne13: because MAT deserves to go and he doesn't
Clearwater88: whatever
Clearwater88: i told u
Clearwater88: i dont wanna talk bout it... might get emotional:-(
Clearwater88: lol
Clearwater88: ii mean :'(
Clearwater88: i just dont wanna tlak bout it unless its necessary it kind of birngs us down
JUAirborne13: ok clear
JUAirborne13: I don;t believe your being genuine but w/e
JUAirborne13: all I know is I'm glad to be here another round
JUAirborne13: and thanks to all for keeping me
Dale Jr 8 NL: JUAirborne13: because u said Dale and Furtado are voting me...do you believe that?
JUAirborne13: believe what?
Dale Jr 8 NL: That Furtado and I will vote for you?
JUAirborne13: He said u were
JUAirborne13: and furtado said in the chat earlier she was
JUAirborne13: and so I havn;t been here lately
Dale Jr 8 NL: I think Clear is just trying to get you to vote for one of us
JUAirborne13: well I won;t
Dale Jr 8 NL: I don't tell anyone who I am voting for for sure
JUAirborne13: ok I understand
Dale Jr 8 NL: Because sometimes those things come back to bite you on the butt
Dale Jr 8 NL: So don't believe anyone if they tell you who I am voting for
JUAirborne13: ok
JUAirborne13: but u know clear has a lot of power
JUAirborne13: I honestly feel neglected in the tribe
JUAirborne13: lyk Shi Ann
JUAirborne13: no one lyks me
JUAirborne13: and that I am just a person that is disposable
Dale Jr 8 NL: don't worry about it, if you make it to the jury, you can get anyone back in the final vote:-)
JUAirborne13: I won't get you back
JUAirborne13: lol
Dale Jr 8 NL: And if we keep winning these ICs, we can make the jury no problem
JUAirborne13: Yea I wish it would go that way
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol, and nor will I, if you make the final 2
JUAirborne13: Me make the final 2?
JUAirborne13: lol
JUAirborne13: funny
JUAirborne13: That would have clear all over the walls
JUAirborne13: plus I don;t know what Chuay Gahn thinks of us all

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