[Date]>{February 25, 2003}
[Actual Day]>{30/89}

[Chuay Gahn-Day 13]

JYugiTTristanS has entered the room.
Boodu2boo has entered the room.
JYugiTTristanS: ....
JYugiTTristanS: Why did they have to keep YOU
Boodu2boo: cause they love me
JYugiTTristanS: well I don't...
Boodu2boo: and i dont like you eaither
JYugiTTristanS: Good.
Boodu2boo: good.
JYugiTTristanS: You may be a champion but I don't know why people are treating you special. I mean You had dumb luck making it that far.
Ashton Gyoro DBZ has entered the room.
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: heh
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: it was me and matgemini
Boodu2boo: welcome back
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: luckily, i didnt switch
JYugiTTristanS: Thank god.
Boodu2boo: JYugiTTristanS: You may be a champion but I don't know why people are treating you special. I mean You had dumb luck making it that far.
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: Gesthal had a nice statement
Boodu2boo: its cause i was always their
JYugiTTristanS: Same here
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: Gesthal: Oh **** N
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: thats what he said ;p
Boodu2boo: i wasnt minipulative
JYugiTTristanS: Except in OLS3. You never showed. That's why you were voted out!
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: um...whats the debate goin on here...
Boodu2boo: no ****
Boodu2boo: he wanted me to go to the other tribe
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: *-2SP for bood*
Boodu2boo: sp means nothing to me
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: ;p
JYugiTTristanS: That's why you won't win.
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: lemme have some of yours then ;p
Boodu2boo: ok :-)
Gestahl94 has entered the room.
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: phew, no switch?
Boodu2boo: yugi your going soon with all of this bull**** your trying to pull
JYugiTTristanS: good now you can help me settle this fight with Bood.
Gestahl94: Bood...
Gestahl94: don't lose SP
Gestahl94: and the both of you, stop fighting
JYugiTTristanS: HA! I'm not leaving you A**
Gestahl94: We need not fight
Boodu2boo: "im mad"
Boodu2boo: "nobody loves me"
Gestahl94: The tribe does not need either one of you bickering!
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: Clear does ;p
Boodu2boo: "boo hoo im depressed"
Gestahl94: We need unity
JYugiTTristanS: ....
Gestahl94: We do not need to become Sook Jai
Boodu2boo: thats y you were voted most unpopular
Gestahl94: Because they are not united
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: we need to become the magic card "United We Stand"
JYugiTTristanS: I don't care if I lose..
Gestahl94: Bood, Yugi, shut the **** up and listen for a moment
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: *-2SP*
JYugiTTristanS: No I need the card trap hole to Trap Bood.
Gestahl94: I dont' care if you like each other
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: ;p
Gestahl94: but you will stop this... the tribe should have a pleasant atmosphere
Boodu2boo: i ahte him
JYugiTTristanS: glad.
Gestahl94: You'd both upset Froggy very much with this, you know
Boodu2boo: me too.
Gestahl94: I said I DONT CARE if you like each other or not... and if you want to fight, do it in IMs
Boodu2boo: "he started it"
Gestahl94: Ashton and I do not need to listen to you two bicker... for goodness sakes, are we men or boys?
JYugiTTristanS: Fine.
Boodu2boo: boys???
JYugiTTristanS: Sorry.
Gestahl94: We are MEN
Gestahl94: young men, maybe
Boodu2boo: what about frog?
Gestahl94: We IN HERE
Boodu2boo: ah
Boodu2boo: what about guy?
Gestahl94: Guy also is a man
Gestahl94: I would hope...
Boodu2boo: o.0
YoshMan4 has entered the room.
YoshMan4: hey heh
Gestahl94: but the point is, stop your arguing
Gestahl94: hello Yosh
Boodu2boo: welcome back
JYugiTTristanS: ok
YoshMan4: it was 3- 1 lol close
Gestahl94: lol
Gestahl94: who was the 1?
YoshMan4: it came down to a dice roll
YoshMan4: BP
Gestahl94: he wanted out of Sook Jai?
YoshMan4: i dunno thats what ti seemed like
Gestahl94: fascinating
YoshMan4: are tribes unchanged so far
JYugiTTristanS: good
JYugiTTristanS: Just hope we don't lose frog
YoshMan4: its been a long time..
YoshMan4: me senses something else is happening
JYugiTTristanS: yes
Gestahl94: probably
Gestahl94: Froggy and Dale get to choose who they want to switch
YoshMan4: hmm interesting
Gestahl94: They will probably bring Furtado here for one of us... most likely Yosh or I, because we were higher on the lists
YoshMan4: :-\
JYugiTTristanS: me
Gestahl94: Most likely, though, I'll be going to Sook Jai... *grumbles* just peachy
JYugiTTristanS: no you not
Gestahl94: Yugi, don't take offense to this...
JYugiTTristanS: but I sick I know
Gestahl94: but they wouldn't give us Furtado for you... w/o Furtado, they lose the challenges
JYugiTTristanS: suck*
Gestahl94: all of them
YoshMan4: they are going to try to get mat switched
Gestahl94: Frog won't take Mat
YoshMan4: yeah
JYugiTTristanS: Well one of us are going...
YoshMan4: i dont think so
YoshMan4: i seriously think we are all staying here, and meg will be on our tribe too
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: hmm
JYugiTTristanS: I hope so
JYugiTTristanS: we have a good tribe
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: what happened?
YoshMan4: huh?
YoshMan4: what happened when?
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: whats the talk?
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: about one of us having to go
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: etc
YoshMan4: oh i don't know, i think we are all staying
Gestahl94: We do not know what Frog and Dale are discussing
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: oh
Gestahl94: but we think they might have the chance to make deals
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: gesthal
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: ifi may make a prediction/
Gestahl94: what is it, my boy?
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: i predict none of us shall go
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: she told me the other night
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: that she loved every one of us, and wished nothing to cause us to seperate
Ashton Gyoro DBZ: i dont think anyone on thier team she would want more than one of us
YoshMan4: yeah i think so too
JYugiTTristanS: I believe that of her, she is great and we all deserve to stay together no matter what
Gestahl94: This is all well and good...
Gestahl94: but if I can play Devil's Advocate...
Gestahl94: may I, all?
JYugiTTristanS: ????
JYugiTTristanS: i'll go along with it.

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