JYugiTTristanS's Last Words:

So i've beaten my day 12 record. BIG FRIKEN DEAL! Damnit! My only idle my only friends. They all hate me! I Friken hate you all! I don't wish you guys any luck! So all of you kiss my @$$!

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FrOgLeTt86 JYugiTTristanS I've known you for awhile and i've always enjoyed talking to you so i hope that just because of my vote that doesnt change our friendship and i hope that no matter what, you broke you Day 12 record and i'm so proud of you~ and i'm gonna miss you and i wish you luck in everything you do..congrats on breaking your curse and good luck in the things you do and every goal you wish to accomplish in life. Love ya Yugi!
Yoshman4 JYugiTTristanS know what sucks? knowing who everyone voted and having 2 people convince u and guilt trip u to vote one way, and messing with ur decision, but alas I have to do this and iwill, here i go lol, I get to be the deciding vote, isnt that fun? I know many people want me to vote someone else, but, I dont care anymore, this is about what I want. I am voting YUGI. It is actually a good strategy move. I know a way to get Chewy Gahn to stay in, but in case that doersnt work, there is somoene on our tribe they want off, do to someone else. Well if I kept that someone, I could make it to the jury. So in the end, voting Yugi is a good move. Yugi's a great guy, and I knwo I am making someone , err many people mad, but oh well. Tis vote is for strategy, that is all. Best luck to you Yugi, see ya on the outside some time
JYugiTTristanS Boodu2boo Bood, I hate you you hate me. Get it? Got it? Doubt it. Just leave. You're wasting my time. Oh and by the way.. you are the weakest link. G'bye
Boodu2boo JYugiTTristanS Yugi.... it all comes down to respect in this vote... youve been absolutely no help at immunities, and perhaps well benefit from your absents.
Ashton Gyoro DBZ Boodu2boo MY vote tonight is for bood, he has contributed, i agree, but he is the last member of chuayt gahn i dont exactly like that much. Besides, its a promise to a fallen friend that he wants to be avenged for the impious deeds he commited. SO...The King of Games has spoken