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Wether or not i agree with the way i was voted out, i accept that i am voted out. While it still hurts very much to sit here and tell you how much i just want to scream because i miss final TC by a smudge. But i'm not theres no use in crying over it anymore. I put too many hours of strategy and love and strength into this game to go out without paying tribute to events. Firstly once a chewie always a chewie. But i love everyperson in this game. I guess i kinda spiced up your ending Kyle. I kinda went out with a bang i guess you could say. or a hop whichever. This was a good last game. I learned about the integrity of people and that during situations the people you can count on the most are the people around you that love you.... Anyways 1st place once and 3rd place the 2nd time around, well hey thats not a bad trade off plus i met all these wonderful people that i can talk to. So all in all i'm gonna choose the positive route and be a strong person and say congrats to whoever wins! GOod luck~ and you obviously had a better strategy than me so i'm give ya props! That'ts it! Thats all! We had fun! We had a ball! It was good while it lasted But now i'm past it! It was sure! It was sweet! Sure it swept me off my feet! I'll miss it now and then but would i do it all again? NAH! (thanks for the verse Shania) lol now on to everyone that somehow touched me..... BP- awww i love you your so nice and you were always there for me when i needed to talk or cuss (lol) or just make you laugh haha! i love you from the bottom of my heart and thanks for being so dang nice to lil ol' me! You've become like one of my best guy friends! love ya zachy! John~ Aww your my best guy friend, i dont know why you choose to not show up to TC, but whatever your reasons were you'll always be my best friend, this was just a game and a game cant come between good friends if they dont let it! good luck in final 2 i love ya! Ju~ Hey JuJubees! Congrats you completed all your goals. Good luck in final 2 i love ya lots!!(Pssst Dale he was the infamous Shi-ann).....Any new flavors of the week? lol Clear~ Aww i lub you! Your so funny and nice and i love your random IMS of song lyrics and whenever i see/think/hear the word muddled i'm gonna think of you!! Lub you <3<3 Ashton- aww Ashy! i luv ya! your so funny and we always talk about funny things.... me and you go way back, well almost a year haha but i' feel like i've known ya forever! and i'm glad that we're still friends hehe! Love ya!! Dale- Up for a game of frogger? lol your so nice and you even tried to cheer me up after my deathclock ran out lol. So whats my average? lol hehe I love ya Dale your so nice! Bood- Dont know where ya been hiding or why you havent talked to me in 20+ days but i miss ya! and i love ya boody! I hope to hear from ya soon!! Furtado- I didnt get to know you too well, but it was nice talkin to ya when we talked! Matgemini- Hey Daddy haha i dont know why you decided to send everyone that chat with you being my dad but w/e your reason i thought it was cute! You dont own me! hehe good luck in future games! love ya mat Ashley~ Hey gurl! havent talked to you in awhile! i hope your doing better in your other games! Your gonna be on americon idol one day! Keep up the good singin' Gestahl~ Aka my prince! hehe i love ya! thanks for helpin me and stickin up for me i really appreciate it alot! Love ya!! Yugi~ aww your so nice and sweet i love ya! i miss ya i only talk to you every once and again! i hope ta hear from ya soon! i love ya! I cant think anymore it was a long hard ride to get this far! i love ya all good luck in everything that you do! love ya! *~*Froggy

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