Immunity Challenge #9: Scavenger Scramble

Answer the following 5 questions with numerical answers below. To answer click on the flag number corresponding to the answer. (Count across, then move down to the next line) After clicking the flag you will then receive a number. After you've collected all 5 numbers rearrange them in numerical order from lowest to highest and type the combination in the chat room to win immunity. If you are incorrect you'll have to backtrack and figure out what number you got wrong. Good luck.

Question 1: What place did Boodu2boo get in this game?
Question 2: How many countries are there in South America?
Question 3: What solid ball is colored yellow in traditional pool?
Question 4: How many points is a touchdown in the NFL?
Question 5: On what Day # is the 4th person voted out of Survivor?

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