(mmxsuperfan's Last Words)

OK, so i've had a short fuse in most of these games. But this time i don't care anymore, I will calm down. And sorry about my comments in OLS5. I apologize to Bood, I appologize to Everyone else That I have offended. But here this. My Day 12 streak will never come back.

Name Voted For: Comment
Kizatie xx mmxsuperfan mmxsuperfan, i dont' really have a reasoning behind it really, I just don't want to go yet, but he hasn't really been around that much lately
SpiderFab4 mmxsuperfan Mmxsuperfan, Umm... he wins too much lol
X iitalianbabi X mmxsuperfan well well..tonight's vote will be hard for me because i really feel i have a connection with mostly everyone here.. tonite for once im voting strategical on what will most benefit my alliance of the original tamnbaqui's -myself kizatie n spider- ..so with that said --> mmxsuperfan.. sorry but tonite u will be receiving my vote <3 ..please have no hard feelings! xo
FrOgLeTt86 Kizatie xx i vote for kizatie... i have been out of the loop lately and so busy vacationwise i can't give a real reason but i have to vote her i am sorry, you are a nice girl though
Dale Jr 8 NL Kizatie xx Right now, I'm to the point where I am friends with just about everyone left, and really don't want to screw that up...but some stupid person planned to make TCs every week in these survivor games....jeez.... Anyway...there are only two people I can choose form, and neither will probably leave this week...with that said, I am voting Kizatie... May seem kinda random, but she is the person I havn't talked to the most in this entire game, so my vote has to go to her. Sorry Kiz
Kholdstare4Sword mmxsuperfan superfan, because hes pissing me off
mmxsuperfan Himself (Absent) -