(Dale Jr 8 NL's Last Words)

Well, unexpected, but, as all outings of Dale go, there will be an after shock... Spider, you made a dumb mistake, you had a better shot at winning with me in this game than without, you lost your vote from me, and anyone that I want, in the final 2. You took a cheap shot and black mailed Khold, and now I may have more power than you, and I'm out of this game... Frog-Don't give up, you have a great shot to win this thing, cause Spider isn't winning, I can assure you... Khold-Why did you do that, seriously, if you had told me, then we could have taken Spider...sometimes I don't know where you stand...Good luck though, Kiz-You never freakin' show, and you beat me, that is cheap...but hey, so is spider, so what am I complaining about... Italian-For some reason, you are just there, like, Spider in OS3, like Frog in OS4, like Yosh in OS5...You WILL win this game if my plan does not fall through.... And now, the end of my OS6 journey...with a new lesson learned, and being fully prepared for OS7, I shall return one day, ready to win... This years fan mail goes to: [email protected], and the hate mail should now be sent to [email protected], Thank you, Guy, for another great game, I shall return...

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Kizatie xx Herself (Absent) -
SpiderFab4 Dale Jr 8 NL Dale doesnt want my Tambaqui friends to progress far, and to lock me into his own alliance, which I will not win in, and he knows it, and he wants to take me to the finals to prove hes the better player in OLS6, and was the better player in OLS3... which he wasn't
X iitalianbabi X Dale Jr 8 NL well, well, well, here i am. final six. who would of thought? not me. especially since i was on tambaqui. remember that jaburu? obviously you dont since you're forgetting us n voting everyone else on your team out. fine with me spider n kate! the #1 alliance may i say. ok anyways, down to voting, lol. well tonight my vote was going to go to khold, but the lucky ******* won immunity. good for you. you deserved it - i guess.. so from that, tonight i am going to be voting for * Dale Jr 8 NL * ..i dont know, you really at all.. and your really good at winning challenges - which means your a threat - and since your not in my alliance i dont have a problem voting you off at all. sorry to see you go, but it is a game and this is how it works. please have no hard feelings . x0ox .
FrOgLeTt86 X iitalianbabi X Italian.Sorry you were great and all and this is nothing personal good luck in everything ya do!
Dale Jr 8 NL X iitalianbabi X don't have time for something long, so Italian must leave....yeah, thats it...lol
Kholdstare4Sword Dale Jr 8 NL dale because prince made me a deal, spider was in debt to him, and he said if i got dale out spider would take me to the final 2