(Actual Date: May 29, 2003)
(Actual Day: 11/97)

(Tambaqui-Day 6)

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X iitalianbabi X: yea tambaqui!! were winning!! ..for activeness lol
SpiderFab4: Yay!
X iitalianbabi X: wtg guys!!
bane221: :D
Kizatie xx: alright guys i have to leave in like a half an hour or so to go to an awards banquet
bane221: 1 1/2 for me Kate ;-) same thing
X iitalianbabi X: so bane+kizatie r leavin @ 530?
Kizatie xx: yeah
Kizatie xx: i got to
bane221: no
X iitalianbabi X: i undastand..its okay hunnie dun worry
bane221: 6:30
bane221: ish
X iitalianbabi X: itll be over by then
bane221: hopefully ;-)
bane221: hehe
SpiderFab4: So how is every1?
X iitalianbabi X: GrEaT...
X iitalianbabi X: youu
Blue Eyed Pop: Hey guys. Got distracted :-)
Kizatie xx: good
X iitalianbabi X: hey!
bane221: I'm grrreat
Blue Eyed Pop: HI!!!
Blue Eyed Pop: We gotta kick some *** today.
X iitalianbabi X: YeAhhh!!!
SpiderFab4: im good
SpiderFab4: hmm
SpiderFab4: umm
X iitalianbabi X: *waits anxiously for treemail
Blue Eyed Pop: So you're a teacher Bane?
bane221: 5th grade
bane221: yep
bane221: I looove it
Blue Eyed Pop: Really? That's awesome.
bane221: We actually do a themed unit with Survivor
Blue Eyed Pop: That's so cool.
bane221: the class divides into tribes and everything is based on survival skills
Blue Eyed Pop: Do they vote each other out?
bane221: they start their day with treemail
bane221: no, no voting out
Blue Eyed Pop: Good.
bane221: instead they do things to get closer to being rescued
Blue Eyed Pop: I think you'd crush too many kids.
SpiderFab4: My 5th grade year was cool but not THIS cool lol
Blue Eyed Pop: Like their homework?
bane221: so we have like the room decorated with like tropical stuff
SpiderFab4: *is a Survivor fanatic*
bane221: then the treemail is a tribe activity they have to complete
Kizatie xx: guys i gotta go i am really sorry
Blue Eyed Pop: OK Katie, that's fine.
bane221: and we have a map of the island on a bulletin board in the hall that they map out their camp and their surroundings
SpiderFab4: See ya Katie, have fun
Kizatie xx: but i will be here for TC tonight
SpiderFab4: Win the Oscar!
Kizatie xx: thanks
Kizatie xx: ok lol
Kizatie xx has left the room.
Blue Eyed Pop: That's pretty cool, Ryan
bane221: They love it
Blue Eyed Pop: Are there a lot of male teachers in your grade school?
bane221: 1 other one
X iitalianbabi X: is he young+sexiie...haha
Blue Eyed Pop: That's why I don't think I'd be able to teach grade school.
Blue Eyed Pop: I've thought about it.
bane221: meh
Blue Eyed Pop: Not a big deal though?
bane221: not in the least
bane221: you get a lot of attention though ;-)
Blue Eyed Pop: LOL
Blue Eyed Pop: I'm sure you're on a ton of eligible bachelors calendars.
Blue Eyed Pop: :-)
bane221: lol
bane221: ;-)
SpiderFab4: lol
X iitalianbabi X: wootwoot
X iitalianbabi X: treemai
X iitalianbabi X: treemail*
Blue Eyed Pop: Read it, girl
X iitalianbabi X: no no..i want it!! now!!
X iitalianbabi X: lol
Blue Eyed Pop: Oh, okay.
X iitalianbabi X: comeone hosty!! lol
Blue Eyed Pop: You're leading me on, Kelly
SpiderFab4: lol
bane221: she's so sneaky
Blue Eyed Pop: Next thing you know I'll have taken you out to dinner and bought you a car
X iitalianbabi X: haha!
bane221: rut-roh
Blue Eyed Pop: What will you remember
Blue Eyed Pop: For Immunity absorb it all
X iitalianbabi X: rut-roh..lmao
Blue Eyed Pop: The only things that matter
X iitalianbabi X: treemail?!?!?!
Blue Eyed Pop: Are things you can recall
X iitalianbabi X: yayayyay
Blue Eyed Pop: How come I always get the message?
bane221: big feet
Blue Eyed Pop: It's such a burden :-)
bane221: so are the big feet
bane221: (i have no clue where I'm going with this so someone save me)
bane221: lol
X iitalianbabi X: lol ohbrother
Blue Eyed Pop: Um, hi guys
bane221: ;-)
bane221: nice
X iitalianbabi X: hi>?
Blue Eyed Pop: (Did it work?)
bane221: way to dive in front of the bullet ;-)
bane221: lmao
Blue Eyed Pop: Thought I'd take the safe road.
bane221: we're such a teamlike... well, um, team
SpiderFab4: yep
X iitalianbabi X: rigghht
Blue Eyed Pop: So are we playing memory for immunity?
SpiderFab4: i hope so
X iitalianbabi X: uhh..yeayea
X iitalianbabi X: spidah--we need more estrogen in here!! that must be it!! haha
SpiderFab4: Immunities dont being until 5:30 right?
X iitalianbabi X: thats what he said
X iitalianbabi X: neva kno tho-
SpiderFab4: well, we shouldnt have voted out a girl first
SpiderFab4: lol
Blue Eyed Pop: Why more estrogen?
X iitalianbabi X: SYMPHONY WAS A GIRL?!
X iitalianbabi X: OMG...!!!:-[hahaha
Blue Eyed Pop: Her name was Symphony
Blue Eyed Pop: SYMPHONY
SpiderFab4: Yeah, I was shocked when I heard it too
X iitalianbabi X: am i a ditz or what..oh brother haha
bane221: lmao
bane221: I didnt really even think about it
bane221: so now that we got treemail do we start soon?
Blue Eyed Pop: I don't know why he can't start sooner...
Blue Eyed Pop: There's really no point to waiting
X iitalianbabi X: i kno lol
Blue Eyed Pop: My friend is sitting here and she says she's bored.
X iitalianbabi X: he said like if he sends it at 515 then its doubled that
Blue Eyed Pop: She wants to see the challenge.
X iitalianbabi X: so it would be 530
Blue Eyed Pop: And so do I.
X iitalianbabi X: [email protected] .. [email protected]
X iitalianbabi X: like that..
X iitalianbabi X: so it should be @ 530
X iitalianbabi X: ahh i gotta pee lol...brb!
SpiderFab4: heh
bane221: *sings the kelly has to pee song*
Blue Eyed Pop: How does that go?
Blue Eyed Pop: I want lyrics
SpiderFab4: How should I know? lol
bane221: Kelly has to pee, her bladder is so full, (doot doot doot do do dooo)... you know the rest, lol
SpiderFab4: lol
Blue Eyed Pop: Yeah...I have the original and the remix
SpiderFab4: Theres a remix?
bane221: oh dude, the remix rocks ;-)
SpiderFab4: Ill have to download it
bane221: with all that mad skatting
bane221: lmao
Blue Eyed Pop: And the guest appearance by Lil Kim
bane221: light it up! lmao ;-)
SpiderFab4: lol
Blue Eyed Pop: The remix is more of a message piece, tho
X iitalianbabi X: wut song
Blue Eyed Pop: About not waiting
Blue Eyed Pop: Not holding back
Blue Eyed Pop: And, of course, being true to yourself.
bane221: It's deep
SpiderFab4: lol
Blue Eyed Pop: Makes me cry every time
bane221: I'm going to go out on a limb, and share some of myself: I wept.
Blue Eyed Pop: Don't worry, you've got a friend
bane221: The mad rhymes laid down in the remix is so emotional and profound... it just... *sniffs* don't look at me