(Actual Date: May 29, 2003)
(Actual Day: 11/97)

(Jaburu-Day 6)

DampeRIP has entered the room.
JUAirborne13 has entered the room.
JUAirborne13: GO DAMPE
DampeRIP: i guessed....
JUAirborne13: It's ok
DampeRIP: what others...
DampeRIP: oh yes
DampeRIP: them
JUAirborne13: lol
JUAirborne13: yea them
DampeRIP: see GUY!!! I acomplished something...
Dale Jr 8 NL has entered the room.
JUAirborne13: yea you did
FrOgLeTt86 has entered the room.
Kholdstare4Sword has entered the room.
JUAirborne13: Oh Hey tribe
JUAirborne13: lol
JUAirborne13: we were wondering where everyone was
Dale Jr 8 NL: Good job everyone
DampeRIP: good job everyone
Kholdstare4Sword: Kholdstare4Sword (5:51:58 PM): what would it've beenSurvivor Guy 886 (5:52:23 PM): #10: ON WHAT DATE DID ONLINE SURVIVOR 1 BEGIN?Kholdstare4Sword (5:52:29 PM): 9-11-2000Survivor Guy 886 (5:52:31 PM): YES
FrOgLeTt86: i was being eaten.... FrOgLeTt86: do not eat the frogs lolSpiderFab4: *eats frogs*SpiderFab4: :P
JUAirborne13: September 11th
Kholdstare4Sword: i couldve won too
JUAirborne13: I knew that would be won
JUAirborne13: I read that paragraph
Kholdstare4Sword: sodid i
Kholdstare4Sword: *so did
JUAirborne13: loook at my award
JUAirborne13: it's so brown
JUAirborne13: lol
Kholdstare4Sword: lol
Kholdstare4Sword: itsnot brown
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
Kholdstare4Sword: its BRONZE
JUAirborne13: eww clear is on the board
Kholdstare4Sword: duy!
JUAirborne13: !!!
JUAirborne13: 10th p;ace
JUAirborne13: *place
Dale Jr 8 NL: Ju is going to print out that page and frame it on his wall
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
Kholdstare4Sword: lol
FrOgLeTt86: aww lol
JUAirborne13: No I have better awards then that
JUAirborne13: lol
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
Kholdstare4Sword: lol
Kholdstare4Sword: lyk sure ju!
Kholdstare4Sword: :-P
JUAirborne13: but it was nice to have an "Online Award"
JUAirborne13: UH YEA I do
FrOgLeTt86: aww lol be nice
Kholdstare4Sword: i was kidding
JUAirborne13: I know
Kholdstare4Sword: i was just coping his "lyk"
JUAirborne13: I know you were lyk doing that
JUAirborne13: lol
FrOgLeTt86: lol
Kholdstare4Sword: lol lyk
FrOgLeTt86: nice
FrOgLeTt86: lol
JUAirborne13: sometimes I say lyk without even knowing I say it
Dale Jr 8 NL: he ended it early
DampeRIP: thanks you *******
Survivor Guy 886 has left the room.
JUAirborne13: I know he did
FrOgLeTt86: 4 mins early
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
JUAirborne13: who is the *******?
Dale Jr 8 NL: still early
Kholdstare4Sword: guy
JUAirborne13: oh I know
JUAirborne13: lol
Dale Jr 8 NL: Dampe can now cuss all he wants
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
FrOgLeTt86: woohoo now i can stop and get that coffee... lol cause we're out early lol
JUAirborne13: He makes me look stupid every day
Kholdstare4Sword: ok bye
JUAirborne13: Brazilian Coffee
JUAirborne13: lol
Kholdstare4Sword: going to play my new ps2
Kholdstare4Sword: with kingdom hearts
FrOgLeTt86: lol
DampeRIP: .......... PEACE OUT!!
JUAirborne13: NEw?
DampeRIP has left the room.
FrOgLeTt86: lol
JUAirborne13: you just got it
Kholdstare4Sword: yea
JUAirborne13: lol
Kholdstare4Sword: for my bar mitzvah
JUAirborne13: it's been out forever
Kholdstare4Sword: cuz i already had GCN
FrOgLeTt86: aww i dont have it lol
JUAirborne13: Oh Happy Bar Mitzvah
Kholdstare4Sword: i got gcn!
JUAirborne13: I never went to one
FrOgLeTt86: i have Game Cube lol
JUAirborne13: lol
Kholdstare4Sword: thats y!
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
JUAirborne13: ok
JUAirborne13: lol
Kholdstare4Sword: lol ju
JUAirborne13: we have spanish people here
Kholdstare4Sword: lol
Kholdstare4Sword: where is here
JUAirborne13: not many jewish
JUAirborne13: Florida
FrOgLeTt86: flordia lol
Kholdstare4Sword: lol
JUAirborne13: we have Quincenera
Kholdstare4Sword: ok im goingnow call me ifu need me:-P
Dale Jr 8 NL: Do you have a lot of old fokes?
FrOgLeTt86: would you like a recount? lol
Kholdstare4Sword: fokes?
Kholdstare4Sword: lol
JUAirborne13: i don't have your number
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
Kholdstare4Sword: folks
Kholdstare4Sword has left the room.
JUAirborne13: OH
JUAirborne13: Frog and Dale
FrOgLeTt86: yes? lol
Dale Jr 8 NL: yeah?
JUAirborne13: who was the one who won us the challenge at the end?
JUAirborne13: hmm
JUAirborne13: I forgot remind me
FrOgLeTt86: whats your problem?
Dale Jr 8 NL: why are you so bent on this?
JUAirborne13: no problem
JUAirborne13: cause I don't get why you want him off
JUAirborne13: i really don't
JUAirborne13: and it really bothers me
Dale Jr 8 NL: if you ask me, I seriously don't know who I would vote for if we went to TC
JUAirborne13: well that isn't what you said yesterday
FrOgLeTt86: lol
Dale Jr 8 NL: I think I may go with Ashton
JUAirborne13: me 2
JUAirborne13: lol
JUAirborne13: and you known I will too
JUAirborne13: just never told ya till now
JUAirborne13: cause he played a trick on me
JUAirborne13: and i'm gonna vote him
Dale Jr 8 NL: trick?
JUAirborne13: yea hiding idenity
FrOgLeTt86: your sore about him getting a new sn? lol
JUAirborne13: yep
FrOgLeTt86: people do that all thime
Dale Jr 8 NL: that wasn't just on you, Ju, he was hiding from all of us
JUAirborne13: and he is just inactive
FrOgLeTt86: *time
JUAirborne13: and lied to me
JUAirborne13: when I asked if he was playing OS
Dale Jr 8 NL: that's what I tried to do in OS5, I failed...
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
JUAirborne13: and he said nope
FrOgLeTt86: lol SillyWilly llol
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
Dale Jr 8 NL: that too
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
JUAirborne13: Because DDR told everyone
FrOgLeTt86: lol
JUAirborne13: but I didn't know you before unlike I knew ashton
JUAirborne13: so it's different
Dale Jr 8 NL: no, Frog actually knew before thenb
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
JUAirborne13: but I gtg
JUAirborne13: so c ya
FrOgLeTt86: wait i knew what?
Dale Jr 8 NL: ashton told me he wasn't playing again too
FrOgLeTt86: lol
FrOgLeTt86: bye Ju
JUAirborne13: well he lied to you too then
JUAirborne13: and I don't lyk liars
Dale Jr 8 NL: people lie
JUAirborne13: at all
Dale Jr 8 NL: it is the game
JUAirborne13: that is why I didn't lyk CLEAR
JUAirborne13: lol
Dale Jr 8 NL: you've lied to me plenty
Dale Jr 8 NL: everyone lies
JUAirborne13: uh yea
Dale Jr 8 NL: there ya go
JUAirborne13: cause you were with clear
JUAirborne13: but I havn't this game
FrOgLeTt86: whoa whoa whoa lol
Dale Jr 8 NL: omg, has to be Clear
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
JUAirborne13: Yea
JUAirborne13: couldn't trust you
FrOgLeTt86: take a chill pill
FrOgLeTt86: they actually have a chill pill
FrOgLeTt86: lol
JUAirborne13: froggy I never lied too
JUAirborne13: or dale
Dale Jr 8 NL: alright, I'm done, I want to drop the past
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
JUAirborne13: I mean yosh
JUAirborne13: lol
JUAirborne13: scratch dale
FrOgLeTt86: lol
JUAirborne13: that is why i lyked them so much
JUAirborne13: cause we were honest with each other
JUAirborne13: and honestly is the best policy
FrOgLeTt86: but
JUAirborne13: but?
FrOgLeTt86: you also have to realize that people play the game diffrently and that lieing may be part of strategy
Dale Jr 8 NL: I was fine with you until you took the Sp, and lied about it
Dale Jr 8 NL: only reason
FrOgLeTt86: dont take it personal
JUAirborne13: yea I lied
JUAirborne13: because ya all pointed fingers
JUAirborne13 has left the room.
Dale Jr 8 NL: I didn't point any fingers...
Dale Jr 8 NL: clear pointed for me...
Dale Jr 8 NL: :-(
FrOgLeTt86: i'm glad i admited i took sp
Dale Jr 8 NL: I take it Ju is mad at me?
FrOgLeTt86: i dunno
Dale Jr 8 NL: Ju just made the tribe hate him more, I mean, I was the only person that was helping him at that time, and he even lied to me
FrOgLeTt86: and i'll have you know..... that i havent lied in this game yet
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
FrOgLeTt86: at least to my knowlede
Dale Jr 8 NL: neither have I
Dale Jr 8 NL: yeah!
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
FrOgLeTt86: *knowledge
Dale Jr 8 NL: alright, well, I'm going to go now
FrOgLeTt86: lol ok ttyl buh bye
Dale Jr 8 NL: c ya later