(Ccjlss6's Last Words)

I knew I was going to be voted out for not being here the first two weeks, so its not surprising. If I didn't have to go to driving school, I would have been the most active player there, but I don't think I ever talked to anyone from the game, so right now I am kinda happy, cause its one less thing I have to worry about. Sounds like everyone is active, and I hope everyone has fun! Sorry I had driving school!

Name Voted For: Comment
bane221 Himself (Absent) -
Blue Eyed Pop InXdefenseXxX Defense--too little, too late. You get my vote.
Kizatie xx Ccjlss6 ccjlss, no show
SpiderFab4 Ccjlss6 CCJ - I hate slackers
InXdefenseXxX Ccjlss6 tonight i vote for ccjlss6, I have nothing against you its just i heard people where voting you off.......good luck
X iitalianbabi X Ccjlss6 tonight i am voting for ccjlss because your one of our least acitve players. i think we all agree that having the strongest team possible will help us out - and we dont see you helping at challenges or anything.. im sorry..please have no hard feelings
Ccjlss6 Herself (Absent) -