(Actual Date: May 27, 2003)
(Actual Day: 9/97)

(Tambaqui-Day 4)

X iitalianbabi X has entered the room.
Kizatie xx has entered the room.
SpiderFab4 has entered the room.
X iitalianbabi X: yea yea tambaqui
Kizatie xx: YAY
Blue Eyed Pop has entered the room.
Blue Eyed Pop: Hey everybody
X iitalianbabi X: hey blue!
Blue Eyed Pop: How's it going
X iitalianbabi X: what do we do today
SpiderFab4: Hi blue
X iitalianbabi X: is there anychallenge or anything? lol
Blue Eyed Pop: Hi Spiderfab
Blue Eyed Pop: I don't know
Blue Eyed Pop: iitalianbabi--what's your real name?
Blue Eyed Pop: I forgot
X iitalianbabi X: kelly
X iitalianbabi X: lol..its okay
Blue Eyed Pop: Ok, I remember now :-)
Blue Eyed Pop: I wish we went by real names
Blue Eyed Pop: I'm Jake in case you forgot
SpiderFab4: Hi Jake
SpiderFab4: Im Dimitri
Blue Eyed Pop: Cool
Blue Eyed Pop: Dimitri, Kate, Kelly, Jake
Blue Eyed Pop: Who are the others?
SpiderFab4: Something, something, something, Ash
SpiderFab4: We voted out Ash
Blue Eyed Pop: Ok
Kizatie xx: i hope this isn't something we have to concentrate on, i got my wisdom teeth pulled a couple of days ago
SpiderFab4: Ouch
Blue Eyed Pop: Argh!
Blue Eyed Pop: I have to go do that this summer
Kizatie xx: it sucks
Blue Eyed Pop: So not looking forward to it
Blue Eyed Pop: It sucks worse for me because I don't have insurance
Kizatie xx: yeah that's not a good thing
Blue Eyed Pop: Seriously
Kizatie xx: luckly i am still in school and on my parents insurance
Blue Eyed Pop: It's a thousand bucks
Blue Eyed Pop: Yeah, I just got taken off their insurance last year
Blue Eyed Pop: Once I turned 22
Kizatie xx: just hope that you don't bruise
Kizatie xx: that's the worst
Blue Eyed Pop: Did you bruise/
X iitalianbabi X: aw!
Kizatie xx: yep
Kizatie xx: starting too anyway
Blue Eyed Pop: What happens
X iitalianbabi X: :-(bleh-
Kizatie xx: you just look like a chipmuck with bruises...lol
Blue Eyed Pop: Awesome!
X iitalianbabi X: lol
Kizatie xx: don't know how else to describe it
X iitalianbabi X: when i got my teeth pulled my cheeks were big *** lol
Kizatie xx: mine are too
Blue Eyed Pop: Can't wait. Thanks, guys.
Blue Eyed Pop: :-)
Kizatie xx: yesterday it looked like i had something stuck in my cheeks
X iitalianbabi X: lol..haha
X iitalianbabi X: sorry hunnie!!<3
Kizatie xx: it's alright
Kizatie xx: the swelling has been reducing most of the day
Kizatie xx: plus i have been sleeping, which is never a bad thing
Blue Eyed Pop: When I went in for consulation I had to watch this crazy video...
Blue Eyed Pop: It freaked me out.
Kizatie xx: don't suck out of a straw whatever you od
Kizatie xx: do
Blue Eyed Pop: It was all like, "Even though this is a minor surgery, you could still die."
Blue Eyed Pop: Never a good thing.
Kizatie xx: my brother did that a long time ago, and had to get a shot, and
he said that it hurt worse than the operation it's self
Blue Eyed Pop: Crazy.
Kizatie xx: if you are a smoker, you can't smoke either
Blue Eyed Pop: Were you knocked out when they were pulled, Kate?
Kizatie xx: no
Kizatie xx: which sucks
Kizatie xx: i just got the last 2 out
Kizatie xx: so it didn't take that long
Blue Eyed Pop: Oh...okay.
Blue Eyed Pop: That's what they want to do to me, too, but I want to be knocked out.
Blue Eyed Pop: And then steal some of their painkillers.
Kizatie xx: yes, especially if you are getting all 4 out
Blue Eyed Pop: Yup.
Kizatie xx: i just got tylenol 3's
Kizatie xx: nothing big
Blue Eyed Pop: That sucks. I would have demanded codeine.
Kizatie xx: yeah
X iitalianbabi X: i have a dance solo thing tonite!! yay lol
Kizatie xx: good luck
Blue Eyed Pop: A "dance solo thing"?
X iitalianbabi X: yea lol
X iitalianbabi X: me+my gurls on varsity dance!! holler
X iitalianbabi X: lol
Blue Eyed Pop: Heh
Kizatie xx: sweet
X iitalianbabi X: were dancin to bring me to life
X iitalianbabi X: evanescence
X iitalianbabi X: hott song lol
Blue Eyed Pop: I love that song.
Kizatie xx: yep yep
X iitalianbabi X: its rill blazin
X iitalianbabi X: how cood u see into my eyes
X iitalianbabi X: like oepn doors!!
X iitalianbabi X: lol
SpiderFab4: .
Blue Eyed Pop: It sounds like that song "Torn," though.
SpiderFab4: I have few dentistry stories lol
SpiderFab4: Oh, were on music now lol
Blue Eyed Pop: Sorry, Dimitri...
SpiderFab4: I like Evanescence
Blue Eyed Pop: About your lack of dental stories.
Blue Eyed Pop: But that's actually a good thing, I think.
Blue Eyed Pop: Argh.
Blue Eyed Pop: I don't want to go to work.
Kizatie xx: the indefense guy had to work today
Kizatie xx: he told me yesterday
Blue Eyed Pop: Oooh.
Blue Eyed Pop: Tree mail.
Blue Eyed Pop: I'll be right back...gotta go get my laundry.
X iitalianbabi X: u got the tree mail?!
SpiderFab4: Uh... wasnt Blue Eyed supposed to tell us the Treemail?
X iitalianbabi X: yea haha
Blue Eyed Pop: I'm here
X iitalianbabi X: read it to us!
Blue Eyed Pop: I closed the thing, though...I didn't realize everybody didn't get it.
Blue Eyed Pop: I'm an idiot.
X iitalianbabi X: UGHHness!
Blue Eyed Pop: Sorry. But I remember it
X iitalianbabi X: have him re-send it
X iitalianbabi X: ..*waits
X iitalianbabi X: brb guys
Blue Eyed Pop: Last challenge for immunity you cried
Blue Eyed Pop: This time the opposite will be tried
Blue Eyed Pop: Come for a reward and a little treat
Blue Eyed Pop: But you must complete a different feat
Blue Eyed Pop: Hope you're good with numbers this time
Blue Eyed Pop: Those that can count to eight should be fine
SpiderFab4: Cool
X iitalianbabi X: ut oh lol
X iitalianbabi X: bbs guys>dinner
Blue Eyed Pop: What was the immunity challenge last time?
Kizatie xx: trivia
Kizatie xx: elimantion trivia to be exact
Blue Eyed Pop: Survivor trivia?
Kizatie xx: no
Blue Eyed Pop: Just general trivia?
Kizatie xx: yeah pretty much
Kizatie xx: but they had more people than we did
Blue Eyed Pop: I hope we do this challenge soon...I gotta head out in 20 minutes...
Blue Eyed Pop: Yeah, I would have been here for that challenge but I was in Alabama.