(Previously on...Online Survivor)

JU disclosed his true feelings on Frog
JUAirborne13: She trys to make everything into a joke and she just ends up looking so stupid.
JUAirborne13: I know that frog is using her little "I'm gonna be the dumb blonde in this game" to her advantage on the other tribe
JUAirborne13: "I want frog gone!!!!"
At Jaburu, despite another victory at the Immunity Challenge, JU and Dale clash heads
Dale Jr 8 NL: you've lied to me plenty
Dale Jr 8 NL: everyone lies
JUAirborne13: uh yea
Dale Jr 8 NL: there ya go
JUAirborne13: cause you were with clear
JUAirborne13: but I havn't this game
FrOgLeTt86: whoa whoa whoa lol
Dale Jr 8 NL: omg, has to be Clear
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
JUAirborne13: Yea
JUAirborne13: couldn't trust you
FrOgLeTt86: take a chill pill
JUAirborne13: froggy I never lied too
JUAirborne13: or dale
Dale Jr 8 NL: alright, I'm done, I want to drop the past
And at Tribal Council, after suffering 4 losses in a row, Tambaqui eliminated another one of their weak links
Survivor Guy 886: 6: CCJLSS6
Survivor Guy 886: THAT'S 4 AND THAT'S ENOUGH
InXdefenseXxX: wow......
Survivor Guy 886: CC...
Survivor Guy 886: THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN
InXdefenseXxX: goodbye buddy
X iitalianbabi X: byee...xo!
14 remain, who will be voted out tonight?