(bane221's Last Words)

Well here's to a game I barely played. I was busy when I was needed but the truth of the matter is most of the player's did little to no talking. I tried to strike up conversations to find brick walls. Best of luck to the two people that actually talked to me. I was online *a lot* outside of challenge times. Sorry I wasn't there but you weren't either. -Ryan H. (yes, I have a real name, not just screenname)

Name Voted For: Comment
bane221 Himself (Absent) -
Blue Eyed Pop Himself (Absent) -
Kizatie xx bane221 Bane, he basically told xitalian that he didn't want to be in the game anymore and he had other important things to do
SpiderFab4 bane221 Bane, I hate idlers as much as I hate Juairborne
InXdefenseXxX bane221 im voting for bane tonight......well bane if u would of showed up more, the votes for you right now would be the votes for me...because right now i feel very vulnerable because my attendance is low as well...and i know if we do come to Tribal Council again i know for sure im next to go i understand its hard to come to these meetings and im sorry it had to be like this......goodbye.
X iitalianbabi X bane221 tonight my vote is for bane .. i love you soo much sweetie and your one of my best friends out here- but i think of it as no other choice.. we really really really need the strongest team right now and unforunately you cant be as dedicated as you want to be .. im sorry and please keep in touch!! Xo <3