(InXdefenseXxX's Last Words)

Hmm...It seems like ive been writing these last words earlier and earlier in OLS....well basically this time around playing this game was extremly hard because I was starting a new job and my hours were incredibly hard to work around with this game. But i must say this, things have changed in my life since OLS4 ive taking life a lot more serious now...i wish good luck to all the players in the remander of the game and to the tribe.....we were awesome even though we lost all the immunitys......ouch..but is this the end of InX/Ska? Possibly im saying 75% probably not, if theres an all star survivor ill be there but for now I think its impossible for me ever to win OLS...but things happen...you never know....i leave everyone with one last line....Live everyday as if it were your last because one you'll never know when its gonna be... goodbye and goodluck to all

Name Voted For: Comment
Blue Eyed Pop Himself (Absent) -
Kizatie xx Herself (Absent) -
SpiderFab4 InXdefenseXxX Inx, Youre an idler and a threat, which is a bad and rare mix
InXdefenseXxX Himself (Absent) -
X iitalianbabi X InXdefenseXxX tonight my vote is for Inx .. and its once again based on unactivity. even though Blue is also in the same boat as you he somewhat is more contributive to the team during challenges and according to spider you dont have a very good atitude and your kinda sneeky or something like that in one of your other games. sorry hun its nothin personal..its jus the way we gotta go with this..iight? keep in touch <3