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Italian accused JU of using shady tactics during the Reward Challenge...
X iitalianbabi X: stop cheating
JUAirborne13: how am I cheating
JUAirborne13: I always right in CAPS
JUAirborne13: in every game
X iitalianbabi X: yeah imm sure u do
JUAirborne13: so stop being the sore loser you are
X iitalianbabi X: im not
X iitalianbabi X: im just saying if i go out then fine i do but atleast i didnt cheat
JUAirborne13: Ya know your not worth my time
X iitalianbabi X: i never said i was
JUAirborne13: I won it for the tribe
JUAirborne13: And I didn't CHEAT
X iitalianbabi X: lol my butt u did
JUAirborne13: or accuse anyone of cheating
JUAirborne13: and be a sore loser
JUAirborne13: lyk someone I know
JUAirborne13: from Tambaqui
JUAirborne13: Dale you know I always wright in CAPS in CHallenges
X iitalianbabi X: hmm you arent right now are you
JUAirborne13: I;m not
X iitalianbabi X: u do this mother****er im not that stupid
JUAirborne13: I'm glad they lose
JUAirborne13: I felt sry at first
X iitalianbabi X: copy then paste plaintext wo u scared me
X iitalianbabi X: do i care?
JUAirborne13: But they take it lyk a whole bunch of little kids!
JUAirborne13: AND THEIR THE OLDER TRIBE!!!!!!!!!
JUAirborne13: PATHETIC!!!!!!!
...and she continued to break down back at Tambaqui
X iitalianbabi X: ahh crap im sorry
Kizatie xx: it's alright
Kizatie xx: not your fault
X iitalianbabi X: hes so friggin cheating tho its not fair
X iitalianbabi X: my butt he types in caps
X iitalianbabi X: even when i accused him hes like no i didnt
X iitalianbabi X: hmm no caps there
Kizatie xx: i know
Kizatie xx: i agree
Kizatie xx: geez, well
X iitalianbabi X: im leaving this mother........
X iitalianbabi X has left the room.
After Jaburu won an unusually close Immunity Challenge...
JUAirborne13: YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Survivor Guy 886: ....AGAIN
Kholdstare4Sword: lol
FrOgLeTt86: yay!
Survivor Guy 886: SO CLOSE TAMBAQUI
...Tambaqui was sent to their fourth Tribal Council in a row, where the opportunity was taken to vote out one of the few threats on the Tambaqui tribe
Survivor Guy 886: 5: INXDEFENSEXXX
Survivor Guy 886: INX...
Survivor Guy 886: THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN
X iitalianbabi X: bye bye
12 remain, who will be voted out tonight?