(Actual Date: June 16, 2003)
(Actual Day: 29/97)

(Tambaqui-Day 14)

JUAirborne13 has entered the room.
JUAirborne13: SPIDER!
JUAirborne13: lol
JUAirborne13: HEY!
JUAirborne13: I'm so glad to be here
SpiderFab4: HEY!
JUAirborne13: thanks for picking me!!!!!!!!
JUAirborne13: DALE IS BEING SUCH A ***
JUAirborne13: you have no clue
JUAirborne13: He is telling me that your not getting far in merge
SpiderFab4: how?
JUAirborne13: and I said what????
JUAirborne13: And he goes NO
JUAirborne13: It's gonna be all 8 JABURU
JUAirborne13: in the FINAL 8
JUAirborne13: and he told me he had more power then me
JUAirborne13: and he is gonna be cybern
JUAirborne13: and do whatever he wants
JUAirborne13: This all just happened
JUAirborne13: So I was praying to get off of Jaburu
SpiderFab4: well, youre Tambaqui now
JUAirborne13: YES!
JUAirborne13: I know
JUAirborne13: lol
JUAirborne13: I'm tired of dale
SpiderFab4: want to bury the hatchet by allying?
JUAirborne13: Yes
JUAirborne13: I think weshould
JUAirborne13: and get dale out
JUAirborne13: he is sooooooooo jealous of you spider
JUAirborne13: he always says he wants you out
SpiderFab4: how are your relations with Khold?
JUAirborne13: GREAT!
JUAirborne13: The best
JUAirborne13: out of everyone
JUAirborne13: no problem there
SpiderFab4: good, cuase hes Tambaqui now too
JUAirborne13: good
JUAirborne13: and we need iitalian in the merge
JUAirborne13: she is great
SpiderFab4: hopefully she makes it
JUAirborne13: She better!
JUAirborne13: lol
JUAirborne13: so it's same number
JUAirborne13: we have 4
JUAirborne13: I was a high bid frog says
JUAirborne13: I love this tribe
JUAirborne13: lol
JUAirborne13: it's nicer
SpiderFab4: lol
JUAirborne13: At least I don't have dale telling me what to do
JUAirborne13: vote this person out
JUAirborne13: he wants you out
SpiderFab4: ive heard
JUAirborne13: Cool you bought me for 21
JUAirborne13: lol
JUAirborne13: So wuz new?
JUAirborne13: Does it suck going to TC?
SpiderFab4: yes
JUAirborne13: Who else is on our tribe?
JUAirborne13: Khold me and you
JUAirborne13: who else?
SpiderFab4: Khold and Blue Eyen
JUAirborne13: Oh does he show?
SpiderFab4: *Eyed
SpiderFab4: sometimes
JUAirborne13: Hopefully he will tommorow
JUAirborne13: and we can beat dale
JUAirborne13: dale needs a good slap in the face
JUAirborne13: and I wasn't mad at him
JUAirborne13: till he said he had more power then me today
JUAirborne13: and we were voting you out
JUAirborne13: and i said
JUAirborne13: There are way too many inactives on JABURU
JUAirborne13: and spider and iitalian deserve to advance
JUAirborne13: I talk a lot I know
JUAirborne13: lol
JUAirborne13: It's just really upset that he thinks he has the game in the bag
SpiderFab4: yeah
JUAirborne13: that's bad
JUAirborne13: I mean
JUAirborne13: come on
JUAirborne13: Well I know khold will stick with us merge
JUAirborne13: hopefully iitalian is still there
JUAirborne13: and blueeye shows
JUAirborne13: then we have 5
JUAirborne13: 5 out of 10
SpiderFab4: yes
JUAirborne13: and dampe, lightning, and mmx never show
JUAirborne13: which puts them at 2
JUAirborne13: lol
SpiderFab4: and Kizatie
JUAirborne13: Oh yes!!!
SpiderFab4: im allied with her too
JUAirborne13: Her too
JUAirborne13: Good to know
JUAirborne13: SO that gives us 6
JUAirborne13: WOW!
JUAirborne13: Yes!
JUAirborne13: lol
JUAirborne13: get the inactive people out
JUAirborne13: then dale
JUAirborne13: or maybe just dale first
JUAirborne13: since he thinks he has so much power
JUAirborne13: I'm glad you chose me spider
JUAirborne13: why did you anyhow?
SpiderFab4: youre good in challenges
JUAirborne13: Oh
JUAirborne13: lol
JUAirborne13: WEll so is dale
JUAirborne13: lol
SpiderFab4: Froggy bet a lot on him
JUAirborne13: But frog probably bet on him
JUAirborne13: YEa want to know
JUAirborne13: why?
JUAirborne13: they have an allience too the FINAL 2
JUAirborne13: I found out from YOSHMAN4
JUAirborne13: best friend last game
JUAirborne13: he told me
JUAirborne13: So I am kinda mad about that
JUAirborne13: but with dale gone
JUAirborne13: frog will come with us
JUAirborne13: and she is a sweetheart
SpiderFab4: yes
JUAirborne13: Oh
JUAirborne13: End of the day
JUAirborne13: lol