(JUAirborne13's Last Words)

I hope you all know that you are all the biggest liars, cheats, and unloyal people I have ever met before. You guys have the most cultivated images I have ever seen. And hope you four are screwed in the end


Name Voted For: Comment
Blue Eyed Pop Himself (Absent) -
JUAirborne13 Blue Eyed Pop BLUE EYED: I'm sry! I never got to know you at all! I wish I did but I have two people on my tribe that are active and I want to see them both in the merge. Sry again!
SpiderFab4 JUAirborne13 JUAirborne, youre annoying, you have annoyed me since day 1, and I know when someone's front'n when I see it.
Kholdstare4Sword JUAirborne13 ju becuase of what happened when i wasnt there yesterday, ju was talking about frog behind her back, being mean to her and dale


Name Voted For: Comment
SpiderFab4 JUAirborne13 JU, same reason as before
Kholdstare4Sword JUAirborne13 ju, same as before