(Actual Date: July 9, 2003)
(Actual Day: 52/97)

(Jaburu-Day 19)

Dale Jr 8 NL has entered the room.
mmxsuperfan has entered the room.
Kholdstare4Sword has entered the room.
Dale Jr 8 NL: YEAH!
Dale Jr 8 NL: this is great:-)
mmxsuperfan: hi..
Kholdstare4Sword: dou watch south park?
Kholdstare4Sword: do u know who towelie is?
Kholdstare4Sword: hes a drunk genetically enhanced towel
mmxsuperfan: i know
Kholdstare4Sword: i also have an announcment to make
Kholdstare4Sword: and guy, this is what i was talking about last night
Kholdstare4Sword: last night i admitted to something never wouldve without my gamefaqs friends
Kholdstare4Sword: * i never
Kholdstare4Sword: i am bisexual
Kholdstare4Sword: hello?
mmxsuperfan: O_O
Kholdstare4Sword: im dead serious
Kholdstare4Sword: i knew it for a while
Kholdstare4Sword: but i never admitted it to myself
Kholdstare4Sword: until last night
Dale Jr 8 NL: did I miss something? I went to get cake.....and.........
mmxsuperfan: yeah... i'm going to be sick
Kholdstare4Sword: apparantly you did miss something
Dale Jr 8 NL: yeah...
Dale Jr 8 NL: *scrolls up*
Kholdstare4Sword: you have to scroll up to read that???
Kholdstare4Sword: *waits for dale to be surprised*
Kholdstare4Sword: hello?
Dale Jr 8 NL: wow
Dale Jr 8 NL: thats an interesting anoucement in the middle of a survivor game
Kholdstare4Sword: lol
Kholdstare4Sword: i had to get it out
mmxsuperfan: that's scary
Kholdstare4Sword: ...
Kholdstare4Sword: do you have something against my descision?
mmxsuperfan: no
Kholdstare4Sword: good
mmxsuperfan: I mean i have a "friend" that is the same
Kholdstare4Sword: "friend"
Kholdstare4Sword: in quotes?
Dale Jr 8 NL: friend...........*shifty eyes*
mmxsuperfan: in school... he's annoyingf
Kholdstare4Sword: so hes not a friend
Kholdstare4Sword: ?
mmxsuperfan: that's why i put quotation marks there
Dale Jr 8 NL: What is your sn on gamefaqs, khold?
Kholdstare4Sword: andrewtabach
Dale Jr 8 NL: ah, easy enough
Kholdstare4Sword: i have 956 karma
Kholdstare4Sword: y did u want to know?
Dale Jr 8 NL: just wondering
Kholdstare4Sword: whats yours?
Dale Jr 8 NL: cause there was someone that acted like you on another message board on gamefaqs...just wondering if it was you
Dale Jr 8 NL: it wasn't
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
Dale Jr 8 NL: dale8rulz, I think
Kholdstare4Sword: you think?
Kholdstare4Sword: i guess u dont go on to much
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol, I don't remember it exactly
Dale Jr 8 NL: I don't post there much
Kholdstare4Sword: what boards do u frequent
Dale Jr 8 NL: I just look around on the mega man ones, random boards
Kholdstare4Sword: o ok
Dale Jr 8 NL: the Nascar games
Dale Jr 8 NL: what do you go on?
Kholdstare4Sword: survivor
Kholdstare4Sword: derby owners club world edition
Kholdstare4Sword: and neopets
Kholdstare4Sword: is the day over yet guy??????
Kholdstare4Sword: its 625!!!!
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
Kholdstare4Sword: ...........
Dale Jr 8 NL: PAE for this PD......is that Spider?
Kholdstare4Sword: yup
Kholdstare4Sword: y
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol, just noticed it on the survivor board....
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
Dale Jr 8 NL: I'm bored, so I am browsing the gamefaqs boards
mmxsuperfan: i'm back
Kholdstare4Sword: from where?
Kholdstare4Sword: you never said brb
Dale Jr 8 NL: lol
mmxsuperfan: i'm looking for good imported games
mmxsuperfan: lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaslalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala