(ChrSwtPea's Last Words)

Guys, I just wanna say this game has been so awesome! I've had a great time! Thanks to all of u becuz u r what makes the game so great. I am really glad to have made jury I have no hard feelings to ~n e~ one or whatever. I look forward to seeing u all at tribal council ;) Good Luck to y'all. Luv ya alwayz!!! *muah* ~*~*Ashley*~*~ *muah*

Name Voted For: Comment
Kizatie xx mmxsuperfan mmxsuperfan, low attendance; although i can't really say too much
SpiderFab4 ChrSwtPea ChrSwtPea - I hate to vote out a sick girl, but were taking out the idlers.
X iitalianbabi X ChrSwtPea Tonight my vote is for ChrSwtPea. Ashley- i simply adore you in every way and i feel terrible on voting for you, but i feel its the right choice because of your personal reasons and from that not being able to be more active in the game. I hope everything goes well tomorrow at the hospital or wherever your going. Please keep in touch! <3 xo
FrOgLeTt86 ChrSwtPea Sorry CHR- No hard feelings hope you feel better soon! Maybe time off from the game
Dale Jr 8 NL ChrSwtPea alrighty then.....this game will be much easier than last one....yay! lol, anyway, this weeks vote is obvious, and if anyone doesn't vote chr, they have problems...Now that that is out of the way, my vote is obviously for Chr, not because this is a chance to take out a person or anything, but, it seems most people are going to do that anyway, rather than going out there and throwing a vote at Spider, or someone like that, I'm just going to go for Chr....and soon enough, Khold will leave....(Don't ask, I shall tell in my vote for him later...XD) Chr leaves tonight...end of vote.......now
Ashton Gyoro DBZ Himself (Absent) -
Kholdstare4Sword ChrSwtPea ashley, i hate her now cuz she dumped me
ChrSwtPea Herself (Absent) -
mmxsuperfan ChrSwtPea Chr, sorry because your problems with your kidney but i'm just going with everybody else. and going for you, I reeeeeally like you and I don't want to vote you but, i can't handle the peer pressure. ;_; sorry.