(Ashton Gyoro DBZ's Last Words)

It was fun, but i simply did not put my heart into this like I should have. Im glad you all voted me off, as you all needed someone easy to get rid of. Good luck, and Ill be watching you all ;p

Name Voted For: Comment
Kizatie xx Herself (Absent) -
SpiderFab4 Ashton Gyoro DBZ Ashton... valiant effort today, but you gotta go, sorry dude
X iitalianbabi X Ashton Gyoro DBZ Tonight my vote is for Ashton Gyoro DBZ. Tonights vote for me is nothing personal-just simply playing the game and part of this is that we have to vote someone out. Please take no hard feelings..hope to hear from you soon! <3
FrOgLeTt86 Ashton Gyoro DBZ Sorry Ashton i love ya and its a game nothing personal, good job on winning the SP challenge today, i'll see ya on jury! XOXO love ya!
Dale Jr 8 NL Ashton Gyoro DBZ Ashton, sorry you've shown up the least and well i'm sorry good luck on jury!
Ashton Gyoro DBZ Kizatie xx I really dun wanna votye, considering i should be anyway, but my vote is for Kitazie (whatever her name is) she is the member i remember least, so i dont really care. I know she will come back to bite me later, but i wont be in the finals anyway, so *shrugs*
Kholdstare4Sword Ashton Gyoro DBZ ashton cuz hes idling/beung absent
mmxsuperfan Ashton Gyoro DBZ Asthon, -No Comment-