~Caseboy6's Last Words~

Well, I had fun playing this game...except for the losing part. If Buffy didnt win immunity then I would still be in the game but since he won, i'm out! It looks like my strategy didnt work but oh well. Buffy is the person I could trust out of everybody in the game. Ecu is a good person. Cujoe used me and is a backstabber! Clear lies and uses people! And Yosh and Elec are followers! If I had to choose somebody to win right now I would choose Buffy, even though I think Elec has the best chance and then the last person I would vote to win is Yosh. Good Luck to Buffy and Ecu, and i guess its case closed!!!

Name Voted For: Comment
CuJoe34 Caseboy6 case, i am voting for you tonight because, frankly i don't have a choice. Yosh, clear, and elec can't know yet that i am not with them, and i can't vote for ecu (even if it isn't the real him) because he is my one ally, and sadly buffy has immunity making it that i have to vote for you. I tried talking to you a few times but we never really seemed to have anything to talk about so I guess I won't miss you that much but I am glad you are going to go because you are yet another person who I would like not to win this game, see ya later
ecukid1983 Clearwater88 Clear, Cujoe said I should vote Clear with Case and Buffy, even though Case is still going. So I'm gonna listen to Cujoe. Vote is for Clear
YoshMan4 Caseboy6 ok this will be long, Buffy was supposed to go. THis week I lied telling buffy i'd vote with him. I said I would vote CU. For two reasons, one I hate buffy and want to lie to him like he did me. Two to not give me more past votes. So now Case has to go even if I want ECU gone bc it aint even hom this whole week. So I am voting CASE. But hey CASE is never here, or never talks atleast
Clearwater88 Caseboy6 I tried to save Case but he showed our convo to Ty, so I'm going with Cujoe tonight and voting out Case, sorry:/ My vote is for Case.
BuffyBoy83 Clearwater88 Wow.... I dont know what to do now .... It seems that case is going to go... Clear I hoped you would be voted off this round after that quote from you but I guess its not enough for these people so your going to get away with it... but Clear, previous votes on you would be nice so here you go :)... CLEAR
eLeCTRiCMaYHeM04 Caseboy6 Case I wanted to vote Buffy, but the kiss of death can wait a week, instead I'll vote the person who isn't there anyway, Hello case are you there?
Caseboy6 Clearwater88 Clear:-[.............this is the toughest vote yet, and most likely will ever be made by me........it wasnt my choice to vote you, it's either you or me tonight, its all up to cujoe to decide, i'm sorry....